SEO Consultancy Service

I’d be more than happy to help you with your SEO. I love analysing data and putting together strategies to help your business grow, audit your website and tell you how you’re doing in real terms and more.

  • Get in touch here, make the initial enquiry on my form with some basic details.

  • We will be in touch, for consultancy work I normally like to do things over an email initially so I can make a fair assessment of your requirements.

  • Proposal & onboarding, I will offer you a price for the work you want to undertake, once agreed work begins.

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Here’s How I Can Help

The services are an overview of how I can help you, there may be other ways too so please just ask.

  • Carry out an assessment of your current SEO and produce an actionable report.
    Want to know where your SEO is up to and how it can be improved? I will produce an in depth manually created report which analyses your website (on and off page) to find out the current state of play and then provide a list of actions you can do to improve it.
  • Assess the current performance of your SEO provider.
    Not sure where your money is being spent or if you are paying for fools gold or even not sure if you have been duped by a great sales pitch which was all fluff and no substance? I can provide an independent (anonymous if required) SEO expert report that will present the facts and data to you in clear english.
  • Create you a strategy for you to follow.
    If you have the capability to carry out your own SEO but need guidance I can help. Just fill out the form on this page stating your problem and I can provide you with a strategy (usually a 3 month path to follow) that when executed correctly will see your website improve.
  • Answer a burning SEO question for you.
    I like to help people and if I can answer a question for you then (even if you are not one of my clients) then if I can then I will. Just fill out the form.