• Now click back to the Home screen and select SYSTEM from the menu

select system from the kodi homescreen


  • Select “Add Ons” and then “Install from Zip file” this will allow us to locate Genesis from the file we created earlier.

Click on add ons from the screen menu

click on add from zip file to install genesis


  • You called the Repo file something earlier, I recommended “My Repo” but it will be whatever you called it. Click it.

select the name of your repo


  • Next go -> Recommended Repositories ->

recommended repositories

lambda repository


  • You will see a status message to tell you the repo has succesfully been installed, click on “Get Add-Ons” then select lambda Add-on repository followed by clicking “Genesis” (please note that I already have Genesis installed so mine says “installed” yours will not just yet).
  • From the next screen choose to install Genesis and you’re done!

gett add ons

select lambda repository from the list

selecting genesis from the kodi repo list

The final steps to use Genesis are up next along with a few tips, let’s visit that page now

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