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Part 3 Kodi Genesis Tutorial

Go back to your homepage and scroll along to "Videos" - Genesis should now be available from the shortcut menu. If it is not then you can click "Add Ons" and select it from there. Each theme for Kodi has it's own way of placing shortcuts under the Video menu and you should Google for your theme method of how to do this. It's also worth mentioning that although Kodi can be installed upon most devices (see Kodi Genesis tutorial page 1) you can buy pre-made mini computers that already have Kodi installed onto them, most also come equiped with great little keyboards.

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How To Install Genesis Kodi Tutorial Part 2

STEP 7Now click back to the Home screen and select SYSTEM from the menu STEP 8Select "Add Ons" and then "Install from Zip file" this will allow us to locate Genesis from the file we created earlier.STEP 9You called the Repo file something earlier, I recommended "My Repo" but it will be whatever you called it. Click it. STEP 10Next go -> Recommended Repositories -> repository.lambda-1.1.0.zip STEP 11You will see a status message to tell you the repo has succesfully been installed, click on "Get Add-Ons" then select lambda Add-on repository followed by clicking "Genesis" (please note that I already have Genesis installed so mine says "installed" yours will not just yet).From the next screen choose to install Genesis and you're done!The final steps to use Genesis are up next along with a few tips, let's visit that page now  Remember - If you want SEO for your business then I can help - check out some of my locations below:

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Kodi Genesis Tutorial Step by Step

Fancy watching loads of free movies and TV shows in HD for free? Enter Kodi - Genesis... PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY BREAKING THE LAW BY USING KODI STREAMING SERVICES, THIS BLOG POST IS OLD AND GENESIS NO LONGER WORKS AS WELL AS IT ONCE DID, TAKE THESE INSTRUCTIONS AS INFORMATION ONLY - I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OF KODI OR ANY OF IT'S PLUGINS THAT MAY BE USED FOR ILLEGAL STREAMING. THIS POST WILL SOON BE TAKEN DOWN.     Kodi and Genesis together form a formidable combination that allow you to stream movies and TV onto any device. Kodi is a media player and Genesis is an Add On which allows you to have access to a number of sources for streaming all this good stuff. So that's the intro, here's how I first came across it. A while ago I discovered XMBC through a friend (now renamed to KODI) which is media center similar to Microsoft Media Player but better. As already mentioned the great thing is Kodi can also stream the latest movies (even ones still in the cinema), Sky Movies and all the TV & box sets you can handle all for the cost of FREE. Yup that's right Kodi is free so you don't need to pay a thing. There are lots of boxes that you can buy from Ebay and Amazon which have it preinstalled and if you go down this route you will have to pay for the box but that's it. I'm pretty sure that by law you are not allowed to sell Kodi with the Genesis add on already installed,  perhaps with instructions on how to do it yourself (and please correct me if

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