Want to know which pages on your website are pulling the visitors in? In this post I look at how you can see your worst and best performing pages and filter the information to see how each of your marketing channels perform against each other.

website not showing up in Google

If you have published a post or a page which is targeted toward particular keywords and you are tracking it, you should be able to see it fall into the top 100 Google results within at most a few weeks. If this is not the case then there could be a number of reasons but here’s some advice.

If you are looking for some WordPress plugins that can help speed up your website then here’s a list of the ones that I’ve used and can recommend. It’s always better to not use plugins but if you don’t have the technical ability to speed your site up without them then this is a list that will get the job done.

plugins that speed up a WordPress website
Free SEO Advice

Looking for some free SEO advice? As an SEO Consultant I get asked about many Search Engine related issues on a regular basis. This post is a copy of a question I was asked recently via email and the answer I gave. If you have a particular SEO issue that you would like me to look at then please get in touch, I’m happy to advice on issues and take on any work that would be required to move your forward.