I’m happy to say that I’ve started a new section of my website aimed at local Wirral business owners in need of SEO. The section can be found here at SEO Wirral.

Wirral Section – An Overview

The aim is simply to give people in Wirral an overview of what I can offer you for your business.

There will be a FAQ section which I will continue to add to as well as many case studies as I can write which will be of use.

In my experience people will either take this information and implement it themselves, or they may need some assistance or perhaps ask me to do the whole work for them. Each of these options is fine and I’m just glad I can be of help.

I’ve started with the most frequently asked questions that I get asked during the start-up periodĀ of a new business relationship.

Wirral Case Studies

For the case studies I will just hand pick them as and when they become available and these can vary from optimising your website load speed time to analysing your competition and beyond.

As I’ve mentioned in other areas of my website, this is an older domain that I’ve had but only recently started adding to, the point is now to start showing people that there IS a local trustworthy service for SEO which goes beyond agencies and web developers.

Some people that I provide services for already have an SEO company working for them but would like me to audit what they are doing or to put forward alternative strategies and this is fine, I offer this service and more.

Keep a tab on what I publish over the coming weeks and please get in touch if you would like to ask me anything.