Can I do my own SEO? It’s easy isn’t it?

Since I moved to the Wirral I have met countless business and website owners who all ask this same question. In my experience there are 4 types of people:

  1. The people who will understand my advice and be able to do it.
  2. People who understand it, have a go but don’t get results.
  3. People who understand it but don’t have the time to do it themselves.
  4. People who just not interested and want results.

SEO is addictive. It’s like playing the biggest poker game of your life where the rules are constantly changing and you have to adapt to keep up. The basics ARE easy, the in depth technical know how and ability to outrank your competitors are not. Anybody can install an SEO plugin to their WordPress site or sign up for a Facebook page and post offers.

How do you know it will work?

Professional Search Engine Optimisers like myself DO NOT GUESS at where success for your business is; it is all very carefully calculated, processed, measured and tweaked over and over again.

There is no formal training for SEO anywhere, we are self trained. The people who are good at this (and there are many who I respect throughout Wirral and the NorthWest in particular) stick it out through failure and success, learning and moving forwad. I’m glad to say I am one of those , I am absolutely passionate about SEO and have been involved with the internet since 1995.

Who have you worked for?

I have worked at top agencies and for many large, medium and small companies. I am an SEO consultant and I carry out all of my SEO work myself without the need to outsource. I provide services to agencies throughout the UK and also work with several clients directly either on a consultancy basis or direct service.

Can you show me your work?

Yes and no. I’d be happy to show you my work privately but this is a cut throat industry full of hackers and spammers. I don’t recommend showing client work publicly (and many SEO companies do) as it just opens your business up to people trying their best to ruin my hard work and your livelihood.

What I’d be happy to do publicly on my Graham SEO website, particularly in this Wirral section, is to show you some Wirral busines case studies on an anonymous basis that you will be able to use for your own website ventures or to gain trust in my abilities. So click here to see some case studies of Wirral based clients that I have performed SEO services for or choose from the menu on the right hand side.