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SEO Results - Example 1
December 2021

Word of mouth referral from an existing client. The owners of this website were previously with a large well-known digital agency.

Results within just a few weeks, no link building, no new content.

A VERY competitive market niche (medical)

The Background


One of my existing clients was talking to an acquaintance who mentioned that their business was not doing well. When asked why, they said that the enquiries to their business were down and the website hadn’t been performing too well as of late.

They had spoken to the Digital Agency who were not sure how to fix the problem but they did have some ideas. The client pushed and pushed but the agency could not find the time to carry out their own recommendations.

This client is in the private medical sector.

My own client recommended his company speak to me, which they did, I offered to look into the situation for them.

Here’s what I found:


The On-Page SEO wasn’t done correctly. 

The site had multiple cannibalisation issues – this occurs when pages on a website effectively target the same keywords as each other. 

This can be innocently done because certain words to a human will mean different things, but the Google algorithm doesn’t have enough data to be able to distinguish that difference in the same way. It uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and other related words to ascertain the meaning behind the keyword. It also looks at the content on the page, the anchor text pointing at the page to try and understand what a page is about. 

It is quite easy to become the victim of cannibalisation and this can occur by overuse of the other keywords in a variety of ways, e.g. keyword density on a page where the keyword for another page is mentioned too many times etc. 

I found that a lot of the accessibility necessities that Google looks for were also not present and that the ability for Google to crawl the website effectively was questionable. 

There were also several errors pertaining to the Core Web Vitals (CWV) found in Google Search Console. 

SEO is never standing still, whether Google are updating their algorithm or competitors are trying to push their own website, if technical errors remain unchecked then sooner or later a website will start to suffer, that is what happened in this case. 

Here is a graph of the drop in traffic over a period of time:

Google analytics graph showing drop in traffic from previous agency

and the subsequent loss of business:

drop in goal completions from previous company

What I Did

I merged several page together. Before I did this I ensured that I knew which keywords these pages were ranking for, how much traffic they had and if there were any backlinks pointing at them. 

In each instance, there was a combination of the above so I ensured the correct placement of the keywords onto the new “mother” page that was created and also put a 301 redirect into place to redirect users and link equity to the new page. 

I then set about correcting the site-wide crawl issues and worked with the company developer to improve the page load speed and other weak areas of the website.

The Results


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