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Revenue has increased month on month for this eCommerce client, despite only being a year old have now exceeded £70k in gross revenue this month alone from SEO.

The visibility of keywords in Google has grown month on month and they now have more than 400 Google page 1 results for organic keywords.

I’m happy to say that they have now beaten the competitors we identified at the start of this campaign back in June 2021 for the target areas we focused upon.

The Background

I love working with ecomm clients and getting them great results. I produce monthly reports (as well as chat throughout the month with each client, answering any questions and generally getting to know each other better). The graphs below are taken from their latest report. 

I started with this particular client back in June 2021. They had been with another SEO agency and the results were quite flat. 

Whenever I start a new project I always categorise it into a phase. This represents where about on the life span of a website it currently is, this being:

* Phase 1 site is brand new with no age or authority

* Phase 2 has age and authority but no real presence within organic search

* Phase 3 has age, authority and a good presence in organic search but not grown for some time.

I classed this client as phase 2. 

What I Did

With an eCommerce store the approach can be quite different than other types of SEO project. Again, I categorise my SEO projects in terms of the client goals and where their target audience is, be it locally, nationally or internationally and this then dictates how I formulate my strategy. ECommerce stores tend to have a lot of products and categories in organic search and the approach for SEO is different to that of a local or national target, although there are some similarities. 

The first thing I did was to audit and fix the issues affecting the website as a whole (and there were many). 

To make my job that little bit harder this particular website is built upon a custom CMS so it doesn’t have the same functionality as WordPress or Shopify. 

Once I was satisfied that the overall technical optimisation was carried out, I switched my attention to the existing content looking for opportunities to grab some low hanging fruit and correct issues that were holding back pages/categories and products that could do better, page 2+ of Google stuff and spent time testing for the correct keyword and adjusting the optimisation accordingly. 


My method of SEO is about as close to what people describe as “white hat SEO” as I possibly can. When I have a nationally facing client, eCommerce or not, I like to take a content marketing approach. This means that I look for opportunities within a particular vertical where there is a gap in terms of useful content and fill it. 

This is where I took things next – keyword research. 

My team and I started publishing new content, in the form of blog posts and new categories or helpful pages such as fitting guides. 

Leverage the existing authority within the website and the data feedback from Google owns tools, coupled with smart internal linking the project is now in bloom and I fully expect this client to continue to reap success (with my help) for a long time to come yet. 

The Results

This first graph below represents the amount of keywords are visiblie in Google, within the top 100 results, over time. 

As I said, I started working on this project in June 2021 and you can see the increase in overall keywords the website has visible in the Google search results over time. 

Growth of organic keywords in Google over time - top 100 positions

There is an on-going joke in SEO that the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 :)

Something to bear in mind is that a page on a website does not appear for a singular keyword, in fact they can appear for dozens, hundreds or even thousands of variations of the main keyword. 

Did you know: over 85% of Google searches each day are unique and never repeated!

The graph below represent page 1 of Google over the same time period:

Growth of organic keywords in Google over time - top 10 positions

This client now has over 400 keywords on page 1 of Google and about 100 of those are in the top 3 positions!

They have beaten all of their competitors that were identified at the start of the campaign in terms of Google rankings – ironically I didn’t build a single link to the website in order to do this!

Link Building

I want to briefly touch on link building. If you speak to most SEO’s they will tell you that links are the most important SEO factor when it comes to ranking in Google. 

It’s not true and more importantly it’s not necessary. 

Link building invites trouble from Google updates and can land your website in hot water with a Google penalty. 

I do believe links work to push a page higher up in Google and sometimes this is a necessary thing to do – I’m not daft, the point of hiring an SEO is to make money at the end of the day!

In my opinion, technical SEO is the most important factor followed by time. 

If you give Google what it wants in terms of creating a website which is easy for it to crawl and understand and you couple this a huge deal of consideration for the User Experience, given enough time you will yield results. 

I don’t want to get too deep into things here because my aim is not to teach you SEO but to educate you if you think you need links to win with SEO – you don’t and if your existing SEO company tells you otherwise I’d suggest you walk away and give me a call. 


Because of this graph (and many others I have too):

Natural acquisition of backlinks over time - Google safe SEO methods

The links that have been acquired naturally are from increasing the visibility of the keywords this website appears for. 

Think of it like this:

What do you normally do when you find something that satisfies your search query on the internet from a Google search?

You either:

  1. Buy there and then
  2. Bookmark it somehow and come back later
  3. Tell someone

Every single person has a viral quotient of one – meaning a single person has the potential to tell another person about something they know. People finding the useful content, whether that be a product they want, a category of stuff they’re interested in or a really useful piece of content they found on your website can tell their friends and family whether it be via social media, WhatsApp or other similar apps or via their own website. 

If the internal linking is done correctly, monitored and adjusted each month then this will be enough, given enough time, to increase the ranking positions of ALL keywords on your website that you decide to target. 

The Take Away

This client is one of many eCommerce stores that I have helped over the many years I’ve been doing SEO. 

I became an SEO Consultant for a reason – I love what I do!

This isn’t a job to me, it’s my whole life, it’s my passion and if you want me by your side then all you need to do is to get in touch by clicking the button below. Let’s have a friendly chat about where you want to take your online store and together we’ll set out a plan of action that will get you where you want to be.


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