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Website Not Showing in Google Search

Website not showing in Google search

Not Ranking in the Google Top 100?

If you have published a post or a page which is targeted toward particular keywords and you are tracking it, you should be able to see it fall into the top 100 Google results within at most a few weeks. If this is not the case then there could be a number of reasons but here’s some advice.

In the first instance head over to Google and enter any one of the following (submit domain for YOUR website):


You should see your website in the results. If you do not then you have bigger issues. If you do see it then you’re just not ranking.

  1. NOINDEX – If your website is built on WordPress then make sure you haven’t left the “Discourage search engines from indexing this page” check box ticked. Sometimes developers have this on when they are developing a site and accidentally leave it on. The same applies to pages and posts, double check you haven’t set them to noindex.
  2. Not In Google’s Index – It’s possible that Google has not yet crawled your site. Add your website into Google Console and ask Google to fetch the site or type into Google “submit a url to Google” and submit it directly through there. You should also be building out your branded sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other platforms ready to promote your business to your potential customers. As you do this make sure you add your URL to them, they are NOFOLLOW links but Google still crawls them (it just doesn’t pass link equity).You can also install a video sitemap xml plugin and submit this to
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