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I’d like to continue on the theme of FAQ and advice for those looking for an SEO service in or around the Chester area.


Most people who contact me have at least had some experience of SEO before, albeit not always the best.


The thing is once you get to do SEO and you start to see results it can be really addictive, it gets in your blood. Sometimes people come to search engine optimisation because they are interested in making money online and others simply because they want to learn how to market their business on the Internet.

This isn’t too far away from where I started myself and all of these years later if I could give you one piece of advice it would be to let the experts handle it.

I would say that, after all I’m looking to gain more business, or at least that’s what you would think. But the truth is actually far more scary!

Google Under Pressure

Google really want their end users to have the best experience possible with them and this includes the answers that are presented whenever a user types something in.

But over the years as people started to realise that there were potentially a lot of people searching for the same keywords each month manipulation of the Google index soon became widespread.

This spawned into finding more and more creative ways of gaming the Google algorithm until Google themselves started to fight back. They started to update their algorithm with a mixture of big and small updates, sometimes informing people and others not.

This was to combat the people who were effectively trying to push their own crappy website to the top of Google and then who would find a way to monetize it.

This is against the Google guidelines and so once Google started fighting back. On the surface this worked but there were casualties everywhere, collateral damage in the form of innocent website owners who did nothing more than try to make it to the top of Google by promoting themselves or doing what they thought was the right thing.

Let’s have a look at these in the section here, SEO Chester continued or you can back a page to see some Chester related FAQ’s.