The people from Chester and surrounding areas who get in touch with me wanting SEO services come to me with a wide range of backgrounds with regard to their previous SEO experience.


Sometimes people have some knowledge and have tried to do their own optimisation or link building and it has gone horribly wrong. More often than not I get approached to sort out issues created by cowboy SEO agencies or freelancers (and trust me there a lot!).


Of course there are always people who have never done their own digital marketing with a focus on Google rankings or traffic building and there are people who are absolutely adamant they do not want anything other than white hat content marketing.


If you are reading this page and you are thinking of getting in touch (please do) then let me take a minute of your time to answer some questions you may have. That way you and I should be able to have common ground without any misunderstandings.


Here are some questions I get asked and their answers as well as some statements I hear:


How do I rank in Google in 2017?


This isn’t a quick and simple answer but if I were forced to give one then it would be to pretty much don’t focus on Google and go about promoting your brand.


The first thing you need to do is to establish yourself and your brand as a trusted authority for your market. You can do this by taking part as your brand in communities and by publishing regular content to your own website and to the places you take part in.


Most companies have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google Plus page etc. Google considers this to be fine, after all you have the right to be seen as a brand on these platforms because it is where your potential audience are.


But why stop there? Why not establish your brand on other social platforms too, especially ones that are relevant to your industry.


If you publish content here and you take part in your community, people may follow your profile link back to your platform homepage, see you have a lot of good content and pay attention to you.


If you attribute each piece of content back to the where you originally posted it then this gives people a chance to check your website out too. If you link out to your other social platforms then this also gives those people the opportunity to interact with your company further.


All of this generates traffic for your website and increases the chances that you will acquire natural backlinks to your site and to your social platforms.


Backlinks are important for ranking in Google and by publishing unique and useful content pieces to your website regularly and syndicating them you will also be building links back to your content while increasing the chances of earning new links too.


Here’s a short video from Google about backlinks:


SEO is dead isn’t it? I am just a local business based in Chester so how do I know it will work for me?


SEO isn’t dead it’s just evolved. If SEO were dead would I be able to get results like this one?

graph showing the effect of SEO on traffic

People who say that SEO is dead simple do not understand it. The same goes for people who hate link building or who think SEO is spammy.


I have no time for these people and I’d rather they didn’t parade their opinions as if they were facts.


Search Engine Optimisation in 2017 is very much alive and working just fine – provided you know how it works and how to get results like the one above.


I am that person.


I love and live what I do. I am writing this article at 00:48am having worked on client websites all day then came home and spent 3 hours with my wife and kids then got back on my laptop to carry on “working”. This isn’t work for me, I’m a geek in the best sense of the word and my own results prove that my years of tenacity has paid off.


I’ve carried on this Chester section here but if there is something you’d like me to answer then please use my contact form on the right hand sideĀ and I’d love to answer your question on my site or click here SEO Chester to return to the previous page.