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There are lots of instances where people who through no fault of their own had their website hit by a Google penalty. Maybe Chester business owners who tried to do their own SEO fell foul to this too.

Google are often accused of helping people when they shouldn’t, usually ex-employees who set up a business once they left Google. There are plenty of stories of these ex-employees being hit by a penalty and then phoning their friends and ex-colleagues and simply having the penalty removed.

Google isn’t based in Chester so you can’t ring a local number and speak to your friend at Google nor can you call their HQ in Ireland and ask for a penalty to be removed.

Have you ever tried to get in touch with Google for support? It’s an absolute nightmare!

The thing is you probably didn’t deserve a penalty but you may have got one anyway.

This is because it is so easy to trip their sensitive algorithm that unless you really know what you are doing then you stand every chance of doing just that.

Ironically if you dont try to do the SEO for you website then either your site will never get the exposure it needs by being at the top of Google¬†or crazily you will actually rise to top anyway after some time and probably wonder to yourself, “How the hell did that happen?”

Well, as a professional SEO serving the Chester area I’d like to help you understand how this happens. It’s a puzzle that I’ve spent nearly 10 years understanding and asking questions about.

There is a great study on Backlinko by Brian Dean about this and the huge variety of ranking signals. But the truth is it can be summed up in just a few bullet points:


  • Good On Page SEO
  • Build Trust With Google
  • Become an Authority On a Topic
  • Promote Your Website
  • Wait

Yes that’s right wait.

It takes time to rank in Google these days and the age of a website is huge factor that affects all of the other points above it.

Think about it. If you bought your domain name in 2004, well you wouldn’t have left it dormant ever since then with no content on it would you?

You would have put a decent site together with lots of content and updates to it.

You would have made sure that you are in all of your industry discussion groups and online forums. You would be active perhaps in Facebook and Twitter and everything else that would come naturally to you and wanting to take a part in your career.

At times when you are taking part in these groups it would make sense to mention your website, you don’t need to link to it but you may entice people to search for you in Google or visit your website directly.

If you keep doing all of this over time then you will build an aged authority website that has brand mentions throughout your industry web properties. Your content may have been shared socially and linked to from other websites etc.

This is all organic, it’s natural, it’s what Google loves!

But should you rank? Well, let’s take a look on the next page…