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So continuing on from the last page talking about how your local Chester business ranked in Google without you even trying.

So you have a website with age, lots of content, being talked about  in relevant circles etc etc etc


This really does tick all of the boxes with the Google algorithm. You have age, authority & trust.


There’s only one problem with it though – if you are a local plumber in Chester for example – what if you’re no good as a plumber? What if you are an Ecommerce store selling goods which are not as good as the website that is on page 2? What if you are #1 for SEO and you don’t have any skills beyond content marketing or social media marketing?


It’s a contradiction because Google wants to give it’s end users the best return for a search enquiry but the problem is we are still dealing with a computer algorithm. If you sell stairlifts in Chester or offer plastering to local people and are stuck on page 2 of Google and you know your game and would love to get more customers then this is where I can help you.

All of the factors that the computer algorithm would take as ranking factors can be overcome by counter balancing them with other signals.

They can be hard to beat but not impossible. If I could analyse why the sites at the top of Google are ranking there and I could explain why and if I then compared these sites to yours then I’m 100% certain then I can find a way to bridge the gap between the 2 sites and rank you above them.

Again, this comes down to the fact that as awesome as Google is we are still dealing with a flawed algorithm.

The worst thing is that your wonderful site with it’s age, trust and authority (even if you never did SEO in your life) could still get hit by a Google penalty.

I will shortly be writing a blog post about this and why it happens, more importantly I will be talking about how you can recover from it too.

But the short version is that Google is so sensitive that the slightest over optimisation or under optimisation or wrong anchor text or acquisition of links too quickly can mean that your website plummets to the darkest depths of page 2 and sits there in it’s prison cell for ever (or at least until you can figure out what’s wrong with it).

It’s harsh, it’s unfair, but at the same time it’s amazing, has changed our world, you probably love it and hate it, it’s Google and they are going nowhere fast.

It’s complicated and I can help. People of Chester, don’t stare at your screens for hours at an end trying to fix your website and wondering why you cannot get past page 2. You are already looking in the wrong place! The answers don’t lie in what you are doing with your website, it’s what you are not doing or over doing or under doing.

If you want to get more visitors by being at the top of Google then get in touch with me.