For our example I’m going to use a second hand car showroom, for no particular reason, I don’t have an SEO client in this niche (yet).

The Business – Dan’s Liverpool Cars

Using the questionnaire from the previous page (SEO Liverpool Audit) let’s assume some answers.

Our case study business is called Dan’s Liverpool Cars. Dan is based in Liverpool and has a showroom at the side of a busy road near Wavertree. He started the business after working for a well known national chain and decided he was sick of them ripping people off.

Dan decided he could buy and sell cars that were reliable with reasonable miles and acceptable wear and tear. His previous employer bought cars without knowing their full history and didn’t bother to try and fix any real mechanical problems before selling them on for a sharp hiked price after a valet to make the customer believe they were getting a good car because it looked nice.

Dan’s business is unique because he really wants to put his customers first. Every car passes a thorough mechanical testing phase and is guaranteed to be sold at a reasonable price. He has a no questions asked guarantee where he will provide a temporary car if yours needs attention.

Dan advertises in the local papers and does leaflet drops which he pays a local company to do. He collects the names and addresses of his customers and informs them of any special deals he has via a mail shot.

Dan has never done SEO before but thinks he knows a bit about it. He has a website and is listed on Google Local but doesn’t appear anywhere in the search engine results (within Google).

The Customers – Dan’s Liverpool Cars

Dan’s customers are local people to Liverpool who are looking for a cheap run around. His typical customers are families or young people looking for something reliable and safe to drive, ideally with low insurance, good mileage at a good price, perhaps between £1000 – £5000 as a guide.

He says he doesn’t really cater for people looking for expensive cars or business finance deals. His business can organise finance for his customers but only for the type of car he sells.

He has been trading for about 5 years and already has many people buying from him more than once, usually for family. He has good feedback from his customers and gets business from passing trade and word of mouth recommendations.

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