I Stand By My SEO Results

My team and I stand by our results and have 100% confidence we can help your business succeed online.

There is no fluff here, only the results matter.

I don’t have a big team and I carry out the vast majority of the work myself. Just in case you think I can’t handle your website, Graham SEO Ltd is a VAT registered company and I’ve worked with clients of all size all over the world. I don’t have huge overheads or the trappings of a big agency –


Just Some Of My Latest results…

31st October 2021

  • An increase in Leads for a law firm of 152.63% within the past 4 weeks. This is an additional 203 potential customers for this client up from last month, which means this month I have generated 336 new leads for my client from FREE organic SEO clicks.
  • An additional 59.40% page views compared to last month (that’s an increase of about 9000 visitors within 4 weeks!).
  • A huge increase in keywords now visible on page 1 of Google. This means that this law firm is now being found before their competitors when potential customers are looking for a solicitor online.
  • Content is King! See the natural acquisition growth of backlinks from other websites thanks to the type of content we are publishing for this client.

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31st October 2021

  • A 65.27% increase in the amount of people viewing the website for this client who specialise in the financial and economic market, this is a HUGE increase of just over 60,000 websites WITHIN A SINGLE MONTH from FREE Google organic SEO traffic – can your digital agency do this for your website?
  • Thanks to the content my team and I have put out, the overall brand recognition has led to an increase in direct and social visitors too. When people find good content they will likely do one or more of three things 1) Convert straight away 2) Come back later and convert 3) Tell somebody else about what they found. Take a look at the image here for an example of the power of SEO when done correctly.
  • 21,068 leads generated this month for this client from Google organic SEO. These are not paid leads, they come from an increase in overall brand visibility now that this client appears above all of their competitors for LOTS of new keywords (Google search queries).

Remember – if you want me by your side generating your company new clients and making sure your brand continues to grow in visibility then you only have to get in touch and we can have a chat about how I can help.

Huge increase in website traffic for this business client
massive increase in brand recognition 31st Oct 2021

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5th August 2021

A well known national solicitor approached me having been with a number of digital agencies previously and never really had much of an Return On Investment, communication was poor with them and the owner of this firm of lawyers was feeling fed up with being kept out of the loop and being told none sensical information. They asked if I could help.

I’m about 8 weeks into this campaign so far, here’s the latest results:

  • Organic SEO visitors to the website has gone from 8,678 to 11,854 that’s an increase of 36,60% within 8 weeks
  • The amount of pages being viewed by people finding the website from Google organic SEO went from 11,709 to 16,408

The previous agency were tracking non commercial goals such as the length of time on a page and whether a video was being watched. I’ve kept these in place but added more meaningful ones that track the amount of people getting in touch to make an enquiry.

  • Within the first 4 weeks I created 142 new enquiries from the contact form on the website (I’m not tracking calls) but I’ve been told they rocketed.
  • Within the last 4 weeks 27.46% more enquiries were made, this went from 142 in June to 181 in July genuine contact form submissions.

I had a chat with the client recently who told me they were incredibly happy with the results and have had to hire 3 new members of staff to keep up with the increase in work.

What did I do?

This is a HUGE website and to an extent I’m still pulling it all together. Tools such as Ahrefs, which use software to audit the SEO of a website, were reporting 100% score all of the time with the previous agency and this seemed good enough for them.

The truth is these tools have limits and flaws. I use them too but my technical SEO audit is vast and largely based upon experience (10+ years).

I spotted LOTS of glaring errors with the website and fixed as many as I could, I’m still working through these.

I published more content too. Perhaps I do keyword research differently to some other agencies because for the life of me I couldn’t work out where the SEO value lay within what the other agency had been doing over the last few years when it came to publishing content.

I did what I always do, researched it the way I think best and the response from the client? They loved the content, said it was spot on, written well and legally correct and completely different to what had been published previously.

I did no link building, this was technical fixes, finding the opportunities within the current content and researching/publishing more valuable supporting content that users would find engaging and useful.

27th June 2021

A national Digital Agency approached me and asked if I could help grow the organic traffic for one of their client websites. Have a look at the Google Analytics graph here on the right-hand side showing the results compared to the previous 30 day period (prior to me getting involved).

In case you don’t know what you’re looking at, this graph shows the organic (SEO) traffic growth across the last 30 days compared to the previous 30 days before my SEO kicks in.

  • New visitors from SEO grew by 32.50% this is an increase from 17,546 visitors to 23,249 new people on the website.
  • People tend to visit more than one page and this is known as “Page Views”, this graph shows 28,174 page views vs 21,372 in the 30 days prior to SEO, that’s an increase of around 7000 more pages being viewed for this client website.
  • Direct visitors grew by nearly 40%. Pageviews from direct visitors went from 2,745 to 3,740 which is a 36.25% increase. Many people don’t realise it but an increase in SEO visitors naturally increases Direct Visitors too. This is because people tend to tell other people about your website or bookmark it for later, therefore, creating a “Direct Visitor” increase.

I achieved this by carrying out an SEO sitewide audit and fixed several issues that were holding the site back. I then looked for opportunities within the website where a few tweaks to the page content would push the rankings higher. In addition, I published a bunch of new content for them based on SEO driven research. No link building (I’m not a fan of link building and it is not always necessary).

I fully expect this organic traffic to continue to grow month on month with the work carried out so far but I’m still working on this project so I will publish an update in a few months time. Let’s see how far I can push it!!!

21st June 2021

Here’s yet another example of what good old SEO when done right can bring to your website. This is an ECommerce client of mine working within an apparel niche.

I’ve fixed several SEO issues on their website, added more SEO driven content and tackled some of those low hanging fruit opportunities where some products were either between positions 5 and 10 on page 1 of Google or on page 2 and moved them all up.

Here’s the results (click the images to see a clearer view):

  • 60.51% increase in SEO traffic within a 30 day period compared to the previous period.
  • 50.59% increase in page views from organic SEO visitors within a 30 day period compared to the previous period.
  • 33.78% increase in transactions from SEO visitors.
  • 36.65% increase in revenue from SEO alone within a 30 day period compared the previous 30 days.

A client of mine with a Wordpress website related to music. Click the Google Analytics graph to the left to see a clearer version of it. The graph shows a 30 day period comparing November 2020 to October 2020 and shows the Organic Traffic (SEO).

  • From 992 organic SEO visitors to 3,340
  • Pageviews from SEO visitors went from 3,261 to 16,217
  • Bounce rate (people leaving the site) went from 68.7% down to just 1.47%

Local company (law firm), a private client of mine and a representative of just some of the results I get for my clients.

  • 40% increase in organic website traffic within that last 30 days
  • 30% increase in conversions (people contacting this company for their services) within that last 30 days
  • More than double the amount of keywords being found in Google within just a single month.
  • Multiple number 1 rankings in Google
  • Brand now VERY visible every time their customers are searching for the services of a solicitor
Increase in overall SEO keywords in Google
40 percentage increase in SEO traffic and 30 percent increase in conversions
30 percent increase in conversions

Latest comparison graph for a start-up eCommerce client in a competitive health niche:

  • from £1,481 to £24,030 in 5 months
  • from 47 transactions to 915 within 5 months
  • 26.22% Conversion rate increase
  • This client of mine was previously with a big agency and now paying a fraction of the price and receiving a huge ROI
SEO Agency Company

This graph shows a client of mine in a competitive car accessory niche. They tried several Digital Agencies before deciding to work with an SEO specialist. Here’s my results:

  • An increase in organic SEO traffic of 94% within 4 weeks due to an increase in company visibility within Google
  • The organic conversion rate increased by 42.48%
  • Transactions directly from SEO increased from 1,100 per month to 2,268% increase)
  • Revenue from SEO went from £54,733 to £112,736 within 4 weeks

I’ve been doing this a looooong time, here’s some older SEO results to show you…