I Stand By My SEO Results

My team and I stand by our results and have 100% confidence we can help your business succeed online.

There is no fluff here, only the results matter.

I don’t have a big team and I carry out the vast majority of the work myself. I am a VAT registered Ltd company but don’t have huge overheads.

Here’s an example of a recent client result (E-commerce website in the car accessory niche).

SEO Agency Company
  • An increase in organic SEO traffic of 94% within 4 weeks due to an increase in company visibility within Google
  • Organic conversion rate increased by 42.48%
  • Transactions directly from SEO increased from 1,100 per month to 2,268% increase)

  • Revenue from SEO went from £54,733 to £112,736 within 4 weeks

Huge increase in SEO traffic compared to last year, also very low bounce rate
  • From 992 organic SEO visitors to 3,340
  • Pageviews from SEO visitors went from 3,261 to 16,217
  • Bounce rate (people leaving the site) went from 68.7% down to just 1.47%

Local company (law firm), a private client of mine and a representative of just some of the results I get for my clients.

  • 40% increase in organic website traffic within that last 30 days
  • 30% increase in conversions (people contacting this company for their services) within that last 30 days
  • More than double the amount of keywords being found in Google within just a single month.
  • Multiple number 1 rankings in Google
  • Brand now VERY visible every time their customers are searching for the services of a solicitor
Increase in overall SEO keywords in Google
40 percentage increase in SEO traffic and 30 percent increase in conversions
30 percent increase in conversions

Some eCommerce SEO Results

Latest comparison graph for a start-up eCommerce client in a competitive health niche:

  • from £1,481 to £24,030 in 5 months
  • from 47 transactions to 915 within 5 months
  • 26.22% Conversion rate increase
  • This client of mine was previously with a big agency and now paying a fraction of the price and receiving a huge ROI

Even More SEO Results…