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I am a big believer in the Open Source movement and contributed this smaller version of the Open VPN logo to the cause.

The logo is in .png format  rather than the standard .jpg as this allows the background to remain transparent.

I used Open VPN many times during my IT career. It is robust and has many better qualities than the version that comes with Microsoft Server. Virtual Private Networks are a secure way of connecting to another network in peer to peer fashion allowing people to access their work network from other locations and enjoy the benefits of having the same resources available to them as if they were sat at their desk. OpenVPN is perfect for this when using Linux systems as many of the companies I worked with did.

I talk a lot about Open Source on my Tekmoz website and used a mixture of Linux systems over the years, preferring Fedora over other distros’. Unfortunately Microsoft are ubiquitous and many people understandably didn’t always see the benefits of switching their IT infrastructure across to Linux. Graham SEO is built upon WordPress, another Open Source driven system although a CMS system it is the biggest CMS system in the world and now over 80% of websites are built upon it.