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My name is Graham and I am a professional SEO and Internet Marketer living in Wirral and working in Liverpool. This is a temporary page, kinda like a business card, my site isn’t too important to me right now as I am plenty busy anyway – perhaps I will put some effort into it in 2015!

A little about me…

I’ve been ranking websites and doing Internet Marketing since around 2010 when I first discovered affiliate marketing.

Prior to that I was working in IT and building the occassional website (since 1995!!) which has put me in really good stead for creating great content with my HTML, CSS JScript and PHP/SQL knowledge. Yeah please don’t judge the quality of this blog – it’s new and the styling is just temporary :p

  Anybody who knows me knows I’m an Internet GEEK.  I love nothing more than helping people’s business’s and ideas succeed.  I am passionate about marketing and know the game inside out.  

I have helped lots and lots of businesses turn themselves around or get going.  From Google penalties, no customers, no rankings, no idea what it’s all about or where to go next – I want to help you!

SEO and Inbound Marketing Services Summary

Keyword Research

I love going in depth with this and looking at LOTS of factors and not just what the Google Keyword Planner Tool or SEMRush tell me.  I want to get it right to give my clients the best return on investment.

On Page SEO

On page optimisation – it’s part of the overall process!  If the search engines don’t understand your website you will fall at the first hurdle.

Everybody who works in SEO will tell you they enjoy different aspects of the job, for me it’s content creation (not just article writing but great content).  To do this I am quite proficient at CSS (and of course HTML) and I can get by with PHP and JQuery.  If you create great content, backlinks are far easier to get!

Content Marketing

Researching a new topic, finding out new news or developments, digging out existing content and making it bigger and better, reverse engineering and/or locating the people who would love to see this content and then measuring the results is what I call job satisfaction in my book :)

Link Building

Link building is easy once you know how, working in SEO as long as I have you get to know the people who create, design or write blogs and sites.  I now have access to hundreds of resources thanks to my ability to help others out over the years.

Given the choice (which isn’t always possible), I prefer a PUSH/PULL approach for links and content.  Write great content, it doesn’t always have to be epic by the way – it just needs to address people’s INTENT (very important word there); then build links to give it a PUSH, promote it and PULL links by earning them.  Simple, effective and Google friendly!

Social Marketing

If your audience is in the social areas, I will shepherd them to your site.  A social presence can certainly help your brand and one of the best ways to do this is to create great social resources which your audience will love.

SEO and Liverpool, my 2 favourite things

About me

I live in Wirral but I work out of Liverpool mostly.  We moved around quite a lot when I was younger and I was brought up in Southport.

After travelling around and working throughout the UK I settled in Wirral and now have a great family (2 young kids Sam and Mia), married to Eleanor.