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Hi, I’m Graham McCormack, a UK-based SEO Consultant providing services to companies worldwide who need an SEO specialist on their side. You have a lot of choices of who you trust for SEO, only the results matter.

Graham SEO is a limited company has been around since 2010, we are a small dedicated team led by Graham McCormack (me).

I carry out as much of the work myself but do have some assistance with things like writing, link building and client communications.

I am ex-forces (RAF) and had an 18-year career in IT & Telecoms before one of my team members showed me how to make money online using SEO, that was around 2008 and I never looked back. I started making good money online and before I knew it people were asking me to look at their own websites too. I like helping people and found that client-based SEO is an area I really enjoy.

I started by working at various digital agencies before starting my own agency with a couple of business partners in 2015 which was a general marketing agency named We Are Web.

Realising that I really wanted to spend more time doing SEO I then started a different dedicated SEO agency, again with a couple of other people, based near Manchester called Serpify.

After a few years and the birth of my daughter, I opted for a lifestyle change and decided to operate as an SEO specialist / consultant, working for other agencies, with my own clients and also training staff members to do SEO from other companies.

What does an SEO Consultant do?

As an SEO Consultant I can work with you in several ways:

Work alongside your current provider

As an SEO Consultant, I can work independently of your Digital Agency. You don’t need to give up their service.

What I can do is to carry out an investigation into how effective their campaign efforts are and to advise you where they are getting it right or wrong. I can then either help them to get it right or I can act anonymously and provide you with a report that you can work with to ensure things improve.

Design you a custom Plan of Action for Search Marketing

You don’t necessarily need to pay a regular fee for an SEO Consultant. I can carry out a detailed investigation into

  1. Your business and current position
  2. Your competitors and what they’re doing right
  3. Your target market/customers

Armed with this data I can then put together a strategy (usually spanning 3 months or more) that you can then use to create an awesome Search Marketing campaign.

Become your sole SEO provider

I can also handle everything on your behalf. Pay monthly for SEO and I or my agency will handle everything for you, including the other channels if required – PPC, Social Media etc. I can provide a complete Digital Marketing solution, I am an SEO expert but I am well versed in overall Digital Marketing.

Help you overcome a particular web/search problem

I am very technically minded and have lots of technical SEO experience and I can help you overcome any website-related issue, please just ask.

How much does SEO Consultancy cost?

It depends upon what you are asking. Each task has a separate cost based on a number of factors. Apologies for being so vague but it depends upon where your website is up to, how big your target market is, how much is your budget etc. I also have to factor in how much time I currently have.

Frequent questions an SEO Consultant should answer

I think Google itself pose this question perfectly, it also spells out how I work.

I’d love to chat with you about how exactly I can help your business.

The best way to contact me is  to use the form below or you can call 0333 335 5902  where you can leave some details and either myself or one of my team will call you back ASAP.

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I’ll spend a few hours investigating your website and then show you everything you need to know about it. Then I’ll show you how, together, we’re going to grow your business using free organic search traffic from Google.