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I don’t just work with my own clients, I’ve been been working on behalf of digital agencies and freelancers for many years. 

I also have a number of Joint Ventures in place with other people too. 

Who I Am

My life began at digital agencies before I formed my own called We Are Web, I then went on to help form a worldwide SEO agency – Serpify.

Ultimately, I’m an SEO at heart and it’s really what I want to do. Running a business is essential when you’re self employed and I didn’t want this to be the primary factor why I was doing it. 

So in 2017 I took the plunge to become an SEO Consultant and started to work with various agencies as either their go to SEO provider,  consultant for staff training or any SEO issues that were struggling with. 

Since Graham SEO Ltd was formed I’m proud to say the majority of work comes from word of mouth recommendations and has grown into a multiple six figure a year company in a very short period of time. 

What I Can Offer You

The most common reason agencies get in touch is because they want to outsource their SEO. I’ve been working with several agencies in this manner for many years. 

Whether you need this work to be white label or if you are happy to let your clients know that you are working with an SEO specialist, either is fine but in my experience transparency is usually the best approach. 

I’m always happy to agree to a non-compete clause if required. 

Many people also get in touch because they have a Joint Venture or partnership in mind. They are a subject expert and combining this with my SEO skills over the years is something I really enjoy and has proved to be very lucrative for everyone involved. 

Whatever you need, get in touch for a chat!

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