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I’m a specialist at increasing your organic website traffic & sales. If you have an eCommerce website then let’s have a chat about how I can help you.

When you first sign up for a national (or international) SEO campaign my team and I will fully audit your whole website, including your off page SEO, and create a bespoke plan of action to get you great results.

Here’s some of the things that we will look at:

  • Your website age and history
  • The metrics of your website such as the Domain Authority
  • A full audit of your backlink profile
  • The content quality on your website and how it is performing
  • Your website platform / CMS
  • A snapshot of your Key Performing Indicators (KPI’s) including current monthly organic visitors & conversions from SEO, Click Through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rate and more
  • Your current Google ranking performance
  • Gap analysis against your competitors
  • Your strengths, opportunities & weaknesses

This information is then used to optimise your website (this is called on page SEO).

We use the KPI’s that we took in the initial phase to compare progress against.

With our national and ECommerce clients we take a content marketing approach, everything that we do is according to Google’s guidelines.

We can offer you access to software tools that aid your productivity flow and enable you to additionally watch what people are doing on your website in real time.

We can take advantage of the weaknesses (and strengths) that your competitors exhibit and use these to grow your own web traffic.

If required we may create new “landing pages” with you, we will certainly optimise your existing ones.
We build out your E.A.T for Google (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust – see here) so Google WANTS to show you in it’s results.

We decide which type of content to publish to your website that will gain you the most visitors that are likely to turn into customers and set about doing this – then we promote it using off page SEO.

This is an overview but your own strategy will be bespoke as websites are all at different stages of their life, some have more authority than others for example. We take your situation into account and act accordingly to get you the best SEO results.

Monthly Reporting

We issue you with a monthly report which shows you what we’ve done for you this month and what you can expect next.

No Contract

SEO can take time and you should be prepared for this. This is why we ask that you give it at least 6 months, after which you can give us 1 month’s notice to leave (but you won’t want to when you see our results!)

Website Management

SEO is our specialism but we’re also website developers and can take care of your website for you. If you need tweaks here and there, things adding etc just let us know. Most of the time we’ll do it for free unless it’s something big. We can also install an SSL or sort out web hosting for you, whatever you need please just ask.

Regular Contact

We’re an internet company so we operate best via email but if you ever have any questions just drop us a line and we’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

Monthly Invoices

We will send you a monthly invoice to go with your report for your records.les & L

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