Free SEO Advice

Free SEO Advice

Got a question about SEO? Is there an issue that confuses you or has your website tanked in Google?

Whatever brings you here, ask our in house SEO consultant for some free advice with absolutely no obligation to commit to becoming a client.

Most website owners are keen to learn more about SEO so they can do their own website optimisation. Looking at SEO from a 50,000 foot overview, it’s pretty simple. You create content, insert your keywords into the right places and ensure all of the basic technical things are in place. You then need to promote your business and content and this can be done in the form of citation building, social media posts and link building. But what do you do when you get stuck?

If your knowledge is now being tested and you don’t know where to turn, ask me. I’m more than happy to help. I have over 15 years’ experience in SEO and digital marketing, specialising in areas like technical SEO audits, link building, conversions rate optimisation and more.

When you decide to do SEO in-house, it can seem straightforward at first. You focus on creating high-quality content integrated with your target keywords. You optimise all the on-page elements like page titles, headings, alt text, etc. And you put the technical foundations in place like website speed, responsive design, indexing directives.

Promoting your site also starts strong by building local citations and profiles, engaging social media audiences, and acquiring some relevant links. But after hitting this initial burst of progress, it’s common to plateau. The “easy wins” have been achieved, and now your DIY knowledge gets put to the test. The areas you need to work on next require skills and time that take years to develop.

I have those advanced SEO skills that come from nearly two decades of experience. So when you don’t know how to get to the next level in organic search–that’s where I come in. My specialities include:

– Link building at scale combining high-authority placements with fresh link sources

– Conducting in-depth technical SEO audits and providing roadmaps for complex issues

– Analysing website performance to identify conversions optimisation opportunities

– Recovering from algorithmic penalties by identifying problematic areas

– Ongoing SEO campaign management with growth-driven strategies

Essentially, I take over where the DIY learning curve ends. My goal is then leveraging my expertise in areas that may be unfamiliar or overly complex if handling solo. Because you put great effort into building your website, so you should reap great rewards from it.

I’m always happy to provide my insight and support whenever you get stuck or need guidance. Whether it’s figuring out next steps, explaining confusing concepts, or giving your website SEO strategy a boost of specialised knowledge. Just ask!