Need some expert SEO advice? Not sure if your current digital agency or SEO provider is up to the job and would like a second opinion? Ask me a question and I’ll give you a straight answer backed up with data without any obligation whatsoever.

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Hi *****

I’ve taken a quick look at your site.
I can see some issues but it’s difficult for me to tell if these are new or pre-existing, either way they’re not good for SEO and should be fixed.
An important point is that the dip could have actually just been natural, in other words Google getting to grips with your new layout etc. In fact I do still see you at #2.
To make sure you’re not seeing personalised results have a search for your keywords in
This shows you at position 3 for me.
There’s a tool called Wayback machine which shows us how websites used to look but unfortunately your site won’t render properly in it for me to examine it
In case the dip is not naturally occurring (meaning the site will bounce back) here’s some obvious things to check for:
1) Has your site moved from non WWW to WWW version? I can see that this happened at some point. Same question for non SSL to SSL.
The reason is because all of the backlinks now have to redirect (called a 301) which loses a bit of link equity meaning your site is not as powerful.
I can see http://**REMOVED** redirects to your non WWW version which then redirects to WWW which means there’s a double redirect going on, you’ll lose kudos in Google for that.
2) Has your site content changed?
This is very important for a few reasons:
Firstly Google will need to re-asses your site, this could explain the dip.
Next, your internal linking could have been messed up.
Next, your developer has left lots of thin content pages, category pages and stock images indexed (this is down to configuring your Yoast plugin incorrectly)
image showing a table of SERPs from Ahrefs
See the column that says Kw.?
That’s the amount of keywords that a page actually ranks in Google and the next column along shows how much website traffic those keywords are probably pulling in.
There’s a huge difference between yourself and **REMOVED** (the site ranking above).
You can also see the indexed version https:// nonWWW of your site in column 1 (which is why I asked the question above regarding the switch to WWW or SSL).
The reason your competitor has more website traffic (570 to your 138 which means more potential leads/phone calls) is because of the way their content is structured on that particular page.
In fact using this same tool (called Ahrefs) I can see which keywords they rank for compared to yourself.
There is the possibility that the sites that are above you have become more active in their SEO efforts, I investigated this too and it doesn’t seem so.
Because your website has better all round metrics that the site above you it wouldn’t be a huge leap to get those keywords for yourself and all of that extra traffic.
You would have to fix the technical stuff on your site first though (Google doesn’t like things like thin pages or duplicate content etc) and then adjust your content to match what theliverpoolcarpetcleaner has.
This is called Gap Analysis and Amplification.
Because you have so many posts/pages on your site this same Gap Analysis & Amplication process could effectively be carried out on each of them causing your website traffic and therefore potential customers to grow massively with very little effort (when you know how).
  • I am an SEO Consultant, I am not an agency and I won’t sell you things that you don’t need. I’ll only ever tell you things that I can prove and are in your favour.
  • If you are happy with your current digital agency/SEO provider you can keep them. Because I am a consultant it means that if you want to know if they’re giving you value for money I can tell you.
    They don’t even have to know if you don’t want them to, it’s up to you.
  • The difference between myself as a consultant and a digital agency is that I won’t tie you into a contract. I carry out in depth research similar to the stuff above and advise you what to do. If  you can do it yourself or get someone else to do it – fine – otherwise I can charge you extra to do it for you.
  • As a consultant I charge £60 per hour. I will do a free rough investigation like the one above and give you an estimate of time required to carry out my recommendations to remedy the issues. If you want me to do it you pay upfront and I deliver the work. There is no need to be paying monthly when you don’t know what is going on or what I’m doing, everything is transparent.
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking once you’re at #1 for a keyword the game is over and your site is getting as much traffic as it could. Using data driven blog posts it’s possible to keep on growing your website traffic, in fact there’s nothing to stop you having multiple websites and ranking those too.
I’ve just taken a snapshot of another of my clients traffic graphs to show you what I mean, you can see where my SEO started in Dec 2017 after being with 2 other local well known agencies for over a year each…
In the first instance if you can let me know about what changes have occurred since your new site moved over, this will paint a clearer picture of why the site is dropping or dancing.
If you are interested in hiring me to investigate how you can improve the overall traffic and conversions to your website let me know and I’ll be happy to give you a quote.
The type of service I offer is flexible and can fit within almost any budget, a smaller budget just means that things will progress slower. There’s almost always more improvements that can be made to a website to improve the overall organic traffic going to it which means that if you like you can pay for my consultancy monthly without the need of a contract.
I analyse your opportunities, make you a plan of action and we can agree how much you carry out or I do for you. You pay me for the work I do and I report back to you, it’s as simple as that.
Look forward to hearing from you.