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Hi there, my name is Graham McCormack and I am an SEO in Wirral. I offer specialised SEO services and also digital / technical support wherever you need it.

Although Wirral based, I can work with you no matter you are or wherever your customers are. I have worked with thousands of website owners across the world since 2008 helping their business succeed.

I have a small team of experts and together we’re happy to become your new digital partner in SEO or digital support.

You may need your website hack fixed, a migration service, emails setup, advice on hosting or SSL’s, monthly done for you SEO services – my team and I are here for you.

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Wirral SEO Services

Technical SEO

After your website is developed, optimisation for search engines and users is required. It is likely that your website developer did not do this (installing Yoast is NOT optimisation).

Technical SEO creates a robust base to support ongoing SEO efforts.

This includes optimising site speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, image tags, sitemaps, structured data, security measures, server response times, etc. Solid technical SEO lays the groundwork for future optimisation and allows other initiatives to thrive.

Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is the process of identifying high-value keywords that are relevant to your business to optimise for.

This may be targeted to a local Wirral audience, eCommerce or nationally focused.

It involves analysing search volume, competition, relevancy, and commercial intent to determine the best terms to target in your content and metadata.

Selecting the right keywords is crucial for ranking higher and driving qualified organic traffic to your site.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to the process of optimising individual web pages to rank better for target keywords.

This includes optimising titles, meta descriptions, headings, image alt text, content, URL structures, internal links, etc.

On-page factors directly influence how search engines interpret and rank pages, so optimising them effectively is crucial for higher rankings.

Google has multiple algorithms including a "helpful content" update and your content needs to satisfy your users as well as Google.

Link Building

Securing backlinks is key for search engine trust. Gaining high-value backlinks from pertinent sites shows Google your content is useful and credible.

Backlinks from trusted sources boost authority and rankings for your site. Quality links indicate your pages offer value.

A diverse link profile with placements on relevant sites helps search bots view you as an authority. This can improve positioning.

If you are targeting a local Wirral audience then you need a link building profile that supports a Wirral "intent" and those links, the website, the page and anchor text used need to be carefully planned and optimised.

New Content Creation

Creating quality content is vital for marketing success.

Producing written, visual, audio or video content boosts SEO, branding and leads. Optimised, engaging content draws organic traffic by meeting audience needs.

An effective strategy targets relevant topics and formats for your readers. Useful content informs, educates or entertains. It also need to be audience centric, if your audiencer is in Wirral then target it accordingly.

Valuable, keyword-rich content enhances your site's SEO and authority. Unique assets build awareness and drive conversions.

Partner Services

Looking to partner with Graham SEO?

We already partner with a number of local Wirral agencies and freelancers for SEO services.

Whether you need a one-time service or want to refer work (we'll refer back too!), let's chat.

Need overflow help or extra skills? We've got you covered.

If you are based in or near Wirral, let's explore a mutually beneficial partnership for quality technical or optimisation support.

Local SEO Agency Services Wirral

Local SEO allows businesses to appear when people look online for relevant products or services nearby. It enables you to connect with local customers and increase footfall to your website.

Key factors in local SEO involve enhancing your Google My Business profile, creating landing pages tailored to your location, generating reviews and mentions, publishing locally-focused content, and utilising geo-targeted keywords. An effective local SEO approach necessitates optimising both on-site elements and off-site signals related to your business.

If you wish to improve local visibility and attract customers from your surrounding area, concentrate on robust location-based SEO suited to your target demographic. It’s an impactful way to boost in-store traffic and gain an advantage over competitors in your region. Get in touch for a chat about how we can help.

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National Search Engine Optimisation

National SEO helps people find your brand when searching for related products or services nationally online. It allows you to reach users and increase visibility across the UK or whichever country you are targeting.

Important national SEO factors include targeting search queries that have a commercial intent to them, but are within scope of what you are likely to be able to achieve in relation to the age, authority and ability of your website to target. The key is to do this gradually until you can hit all of the big keywords and not over-reach (unless your website has the capability of doing this).

If you want to improve your visibility and connect with customers get in touch for a chat.

Wirral Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO helps people find your online store when searching to purchase products online. It allows you to connect with buyers and boost conversions across your ecommerce website.

Important ecommerce SEO factors include optimising product pages, generating traffic to category and landing pages, improving site speed and mobile experience, building backlinks, and utilising keywords with commercial intent.

An effective ecommerce SEO strategy requires optimising both on-site and off-site elements related to ranking for product and category searches.

If you want to improve visibility and sales for your online store, get in touch for a chat.

ecommerce revenue increase over 6 months

SEO Wirral
You’re Here For A Reason
How Can I Help You?

Hopefully, by now, you have seen and understand the type of services that my team and I can offer you, but have we missed something? Customers get in touch for all sorts of reasons, here are just a few, see if you fit into any of these categories…


No worries at all. This is something I hear frequently. I’m confident that I can surpass your existing provider.


Whether you’re unveiling a new website design, reshaping your pages, grappling with a Google penalty, or encountering ranking challenges… rest assured, I’m here to assist with all your needs.


For small businesses, handling SEO can be straightforward and potentially a DIY task. However, as your business expands, there might come a time to enlist the expertise of a professional SEO specialist or expert.


I’m here to assist you in exploring how SEO can aid in reducing your PPC expenditure and growing your business by channelling free organic traffic from Google your way.


I currently extend SEO services to various agencies and freelancers. My offerings can be availed as white-label solutions or through a strategic partnership. Let’s engage in a conversation.


Website traffic on it’s own is not enough, it needs to be qualified. It’s important that any Wirral business owner knows that their service provider is hitting those right spots and analysing the traffic for conversions. 

Are we compatible?
Can we work together?

Hopefully you’ll agree that it’s important to have a great working relationship. I love what I do and have made a lot of great friends over the years from my clients. 

I won’t just work with anyone and I often have a waiting list.


I started this business by accident – seriously! I’ve went from being an SEO freelancer to the owner of a full stack digital agency in Wirral, then an international SEO agency in Manchester and then when my children were born decided to spend more family time and became a consultant. I’ve gone from nowhere to a limited company then became VAT registered, then hit the higher threshold and now make multiple six figures per year and I’ve done the vast majority of this by word of mouth recommendations for the work I do for people just like you. 

Entrusting the SEO for your business is like handing over your baby to a stranger, well, working with someone I don’t know is like this for me too and it’s important that you trust me. I only want to work with decent people with a positive attitude. It does go both ways.


My introduction to the internet was in 1994 and I’ve been building websites ever since then, but I came to SEO in 2008. For 18 years I was an IT technician, including 7 years in the Royal Air Force working in telecoms and IT. 

I love helping people with their technical issues, whether it is related to SEO or not and my long time clients will attest to this. Whether your computer is broken, emails have gone down, you want it to snow on your website at Christmas, you need a new type of booking form, you’re interested in an app, you’re not sure how to add new files to your website, you need your hosting sorting out or SSL installed. Ask me and I’ll help.


Many people that I end up working with start in this way. They start a business and o their own SEO but then reach the point where either they become successful and need to pass the gauntlet to someone else or SEO become too difficult for them to get decent results.

Understandably, passing your website and it’s Search Engine Optimisation to somebody may actually seem daunting and you will want to retain an element of control. Rest assured of two things 1) I’ll always backup your website if it isn’t done already and I’ll often create a staging site to test any work on first before implementing it on your live website. 2) I’m not alone, although I’m a Search Engine Optimisation specialist I have a small team consisting of a professional content editor / writer, a link building team and someone to help with client handling. 

New content publishing permission can stay with you too, your brand is everything. You get to see which backlinks we built and more. Transparency, safety and progress are key. You’re in good hands.


Use the form to ask, I’ll be happy to help.

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About Me

SEO is not just a job for me. I left an 18-year career in I.T behind to pursue SEO full time. It’s true to say I’m a bit of an industrial-grade geek for this stuff – but it’s also my hobby as well!

I’ve been involved since 1994. The internet was first emerging when I enrolled in 1994 at John Moores University and it has been my passion ever since. After years of working on my own projects, I realised that many SEO providers were doing a really bad job so started to work with local businesses offering an SEO service.

I am ex-forces (RAF) – My integrity is everything to me, so is getting things right. I was fast tracked through the ranks when I served & “specially recommended for promotion”. Even when I left, I was quickly heading up technology teams. I still apply this mindset today. 

I WANT to help YOU and I will do everything in my power to ensure your business brand grows organically online.

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