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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Good SEO will attract new potential buyers to your website when they search in Google for a service or product that you offer.

Unlike Google Adwords you do not pay for these website visitors, they are free clicks.

We are based in Wirral but can work with you no matter in the world you are. Growing website traffic for clients throughout the world, local, national & E-Commerce is what we specialise in.

There is NO official SEO qualification that you can get, only Adwords. An formal SEO qualification does not exist, the only proof of skill are results and longevity in the industry – we’ve done SEO for many years and do SEO differently to most other people – check out our results below for proof.

On Page Optimisation | Content Strategies | Link Building | Analytics | Problem Solving

See your website visitors grow and your sales increase

On Page Optimisation | Content Strategies | Link Building | Analytics | Problem Solving

See your website visitors grow and your sales increase

website traffic growth with SEO Wirral
  • Monthly SEO Services OR pure SEO Consultancy – your choice

  • 3 Month+ strategies figured out for your business plus implementation or training as required

  • Website stuck low down in Google? No traffic or ranking increases from your current provider? Ask us why.

  • All aspects of SEO covered – local SEO, national / international audience, E-Commerce projects

  • B2B, B2C, Digital Agency consultancy / services, SME or larger enterprises all catered for

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The Highest Ranking & Most Trusted Dedicated SEO Company Based in Wirral For More Than 10 Years

Graham SEO Wirral

Graham McCormack

Graham SEO is a small and dedicated team based in Wirral providing world wide SEO services. Lead by Graham and SEO Consultant with more than 10 year international experience.

“I am incredibly passionate about SEO. I love puzzles & figuring out how things work. I’m also a natural entrepreneur, very tenacious & I like helping people too. I find that this is a great combination to be an SEO Consultant.”

“My main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is getting you more traffic and sales, no matter what other people may say to you – rankings are not that important anymore and keyword volume is pretty much wrong – I have the secret winning formula, see my evidence below.”

How Long Have You Been in SEO?

“I’ve been around since the very start in about 1994, I was there for the birth of the internet and SEO.

I spent 18 years in telecoms & IT including a good stint in the RAF before turning to SEO in 2010.

I fell into it by chance after a member of my team started making money online. I was hooked from that moment on.”

How Much SEO Experience Have You Got?

“I’ve worked with small & big businesses all around the world from London plumbers, international airports, real estate agents in Canada & E-Commerce stores.

For me SEO is more than trying to rank you in Google for keywords, it’s about growing your organic (free traffic) overall which is a much better strategy because this makes your brand stronger and get’s you more leads for your business than trying to rank for singular keywords.”

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