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My name is Graham McCormack, I’m a Wirral based SEO specialist with more than 15 years within the SEO industry.

I am a technical nerd and specialise in the analysis and performance of websites and their organic traffic and sales. 

I can help you with any number of matters from helping you to understand your current analytics, figuring out the gap between your own website and your competitors, technical assistance with your CRM, website and hosting matters and much more. 

Whatever if you need, if it is digital, I’ll help.

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ecommerce revenue increase over 6 months
increase in leads for HR company
increase in leads for a lawyer
ecommerce revenue over 3 months increased
Growth of organic keywords in Google over time - top 10 positions
70 percent increase in overall goal completions

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I do have some local target locations such as pages for SEO Wirral, SEO Chester, SEO Liverpool, SEO St Helens, SEO Warrington, SEO Southport, SEO Runcorn to name a few but please get in touch, I can work with you no matter where you are in the world. 

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The Latest SEO Developments – October 2023

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What is E-E-A-T

What is E-E-A-T

Demonstrating first-hand experience is more important than ever for Google Search rankings. Updates to the search quality rater guidelines list the criteria Google looks for. Google’s newly amended search rater rules provide us with invaluable knowledge on how a content creator’s personal experience is judged. Addition of Experience to E-A-T

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How SEO will change with the introduction of Bard AI

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Click to call:  0333 335 5902 

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