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Hi, I’m Graham McCormack I offer SEO services to businesss in and around Southport.

I have over 15 years experience & the case studies to prove I can help your Southport based business beat your competition.

My team and I are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Graham McCormack

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Why Use SEO For Your Southport Business?

Unless your business relies upon footfall traffic to a shop, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2024 needs to be a part of your digital marketing mix. Your footfall is now digital, it’s online.

Your customers use Google and other methods of searching for the type of products or services that you offer, so ranking above your competitors in Google is now more important than ever. 

Having an SEO plan of action will get your business ranking above your competitors, so when your customers are searching online, using relevant search terms or keywords, they find your website before your competitors.


So How Does An SEO Strategy Work?

If I were to carry out a series of actions to my website that within a 30 day period caused it to rank #1 in Google and each day I gave you my list so you could copy it too, then it would make sense that you would competing with me on day 31 for the top Google ranking position.

Gap Analysis

We can use tools such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and more to uncover everything that your competitors have done to be successful. We can also perform this on your own website, this will include everything “off” your website too such as your backlink profile, E-E-A-T signals and reputation to uncover everything we need to know in order to bridge the gap between your business and your competitors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundationt hat your website built upon.

In my experience most website developers don't have a clue when it comes to optimising the code behind your website.

This is where I come in. I have similar skills to a developer, except that I add the finishing touches that will allow Google and the other search engines to crawl, understand and allow your website to rank.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is dead.

Yup, you read that correctly.

Users' searches are increasingly conversational and contextual.

Think bigger picture topics woven throughout your site rather than stuffing keywords.

Which approach a website takes to keyword coverage these days depends upon where your target audience are and their search intent.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is more than putting meta data onto a page.

These days it is about satisfying user intent and giving them exactly what they wanted when they landed upon your webpage.

The technical elements of this are still super important, but the user must comes first and it's about knowing what they want and how to deliver it.

From the structure of the page layout, topical coverage, priority of word placement and more.

Link Building

A link from one website to another is like a vote.

The clue is in the name "world wide WEB"

Search engine bots (software) analyse the website that the link is placed upon and the words used within the anchor text (the clickable bit) to glean an understanding of what that "vote" means and how it relates to YOUR website and the page the spider bot is about to be taken to.

However, not all links are created equally and the link building campaign you need for your business will be customised for the industry and level of competition you have.

New Content Creation

Content creation refers to producing written, visual, audio, or video content for a website or perhaps YouTube.

Your shiny new website may look great but it likely only taps into a small portion of the things that your target audience search for online. The pages that your target customers land on MUST CONVERT.

Whether this is a first time sale, phone call or filling out a form - give that person what they want by satisfying their INTENT. My team and I will use your branded website design and work with you to produce the content required to take your website and turn it into a WEB PRESENCE.

Partner Services

If you are an agency or freelancer and would like to develop a partnership with Graham and the team then let's chat.

We already provide SEO services for a number of digital agencies and freelancers.

If you need a one-time service or simply to be able to refer work (we'd love to refer work back to you too!), then get in touch for a chat.

Is SEO cheaper than Google Ads?

Paid adverts can be switched on and off and you will pay per click, so you incur a charge each time someone clicks your advert.

Your website is made up of pages and they actually appear for many keywords, not just one or two.

For example this page is targeting the keyword SEO Southport but it actually appears for many variations of this such as search engine optimisation Southport, SEO company Southport, local SEO southport, Southport SEO services and many more as you can see from the image here.

Traditional Keyword is Dead

Your website is the same as mine in that the pages on it appear for dozens if not hundreds of keywords.

It does not just appear for a singular keyword. Google hasn’t work on a single keyword basis for a long time.

Search is topical based and Google understands that people type in a lot of variations of a keyword to say what they mean. 

It is personalises results too.

This means when someone may be typing in a keyword their intent is of paramount importance. When a person starts their search online they don’t always begin with the most urgent intent. For example, if your Southport business builds conservatories, a customer may type in “how much do conservatories cost” or “do I need planning permission to build a conservatory” and then eventually may type in “conservatories Southport” or “conservatory builders near me”.

Now imagine how much you would need to pay for PPC for all of those keywords.

With SEO, the only fee you pay for is your retainer. As your digital partner, my team and I will not only get you all of those keywords but we’ll also make sure that your website keeps inline with the many hundreds of Google updates per year, we will make sure that your competitor does not muscle in too.

Not only this but I can use my technical SEO and background in IT to offer my help with any aspect of your digital that you need.


image showing Google Search Console queries for Southport
sales funnel

Website Support & SEO Agency Southport

At Graham SEO we don’t just offer search as a service. We are here to support your website and whatever this needs in order to grow in the organic (not paid) part of Google and Bing, we will endeavour to make it happen. Whether this is a website migration, rebranding, technical assistance, whatever you need just ask. 

Our goal is to help you by creating an SEO strategy and offer assistance that works for you. 

Meet Your New SEO Team

Graham McCormack - author

Graham McCormack

LinkedIn Profile

I am the author of this page and have been doing SEO since around 2008. I’ve been involved with the internet since it first began back in 1994, creating websites and coding. I decided to start this website in 2014 just to experiement on but I managed to outrank all of my local competitors and it led to me gaining clients from it. I’ve moved through the ranks over the years from working at digital agencies, owning a digital agency and now being an SEO specialist. Graham SEO Ltd was incorporated in 2017 registered for VAT in 2020 and now turns over multiple six figures per year all from word of mouth recommendations.

I’m ex RAF, play guitar and bass in bands and love my VW campervan (T5). I’m passionate about SEO and often travel and work from my campervan living the best life I can.


Pete Naylor

Pete Naylor

Linkedin Profile

Pete is actually an ex GP (doctor) who invented a cure for snoring and decided not to return to medical practise. We met by chance through our daughters. At the time I had a issue with my throat and couldn’t speak. With time on his hands, Pete kindly offered to talk to some of my clients on my behalf.

He got to know more about what I do and we became good friends and started working together, as the saying goes, we never looked back. That was about four years ago and things are still going strong.

Pete won’t admit it, but these days he’s a great SEO and handles the majority of my customer enquiries including reporting and get’s stuck into a good deal of the day to day work too.



Katie Finch

Katie started working with me about six years ago as a writer. As AI grew and SEO became more complex, she stopped being “just” a writer and now helps with a wide range of content related areas of the business.

When it comes to publishing content she really knows her stuff and has a strict code of when it comes to quality assurance.

We all muck in together with a lot of the tasks we do and Katie is no exception, willingly underaking any new part of the strategy as and when required.



Lucy Bendcott

Lucy is one of my link builders and a fantastic person for guest post outreach. Link building is such a crucial role for ranking in Google and is invaluable to my team.

Case Studies & Result Graphs

The Benefits of SEO

The graphs below are taken from real live results in Google Analytics. They are are a testament to our SEO results and what we can achieve for you. 

Result #1

This is a Southport based company who wanted to increase the footfall (website visitors) to their website. In the period of about a year we increased their website traffic from 18,366 to 122,214 users per month and page views from 34,721 to 148,268.


Result #2

This case study shows how we increased the revenue for an eCommerce store from £823,322.48 to £1,445,922.29 within a two year period. 

As you can see the client was already performing well but this gradual increase in traffic and revenue was the direct result of the SEO actions we undertook over this period.


Result #3

Although we support businesses from Southport, we work with client all over the world. This case study shows how we took our client from $99,244.53 to $1,303,829.11 in under a year. 

The client is actually based in Manchester but targets an international audience and the dollar is the currency of the internet. The actual overall revenue was far greater than this but you will notice that Google Analytics have been segmented to show just the Organic Traffic side of the business.


Graham SEO Ltd & SEO Southport 

If you read the section on this page about the team, then you will know that I (Graham McCormack) am the author of this page. 

I am originally from Southport, just off Haig Avenue and went to Christ the King School and the Southport Tech before heading off to the RAF. I now live in the Wirral with my wife and kids but a lot of my family are still living in Southport and I visit regularly. 

So, Southport has a special place in my heart. In fact my brother Neil (Neil SEO) is now also working in the SEO space which is great to see. 

Like Neil, I had a long career in IT support before turning to SEO in 2008 and between us there is nothing we cannot help you with when it comes to digital support.

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How does Google work?

Here’s how Google themselves describe it:

How much does SEO cost?

Local SEO in Southport can start from as little as £450+vat per month but it really depends upon if you are a local, national or Ecommerce website and how far your reach needs to be to win new customers. National campaigns tend to start at £750+vat per month and Ecommerce projects start at £1250+vat but remember the whole point is to generate a Return On Investment.
Remember, your campaign budget will be determined by how competitive your niche is and what you will need to do in order to compete.

Should you pay someone for SEO?

It’s possible to do SEO for yourself yes, but as you grow or Google updates the various algorithms or your competitors outrank you, it makes sense to turn to a professional SEO agency or SEO specialist who really understands what you need to do next.

Why is SEO so expensive?

SEO is only expensive if you look at it as an outlay that would not generate you a Return On Investment. This is what it is – it’s an investment. Our Graham SEO Southport services will work out how many backlinks need to be built, which pages need to be created and this roadmap will show you the path to success. Depending upon what your business does, it’s actual possible to work out in advance how many sales you could be making once SEO kicks in.
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