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My name is Graham McCormack and I’ve been doing SEO in Southport for more than 15 years (as long as SEO has been around).

There are a lot of local Southport SEO companies but I’m going to show you why you should invest your time and money with me and my team. 

The results below are from just a handful of my client base, they are real results taken directly from Google Analytics or Ahrefs. 


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I hear this a lot unfortunately, I get that not all agencies can cater to every client’s needs. I take pride in offering tailored services that focus on your business’s unique requirements. My satisfied clients vouch for my expertise, and I’m sure I can outperform your current provider.


Brilliant! Technical SEO is my bread and butter, and I thrive on tackling complex issues. No matter the obstacle, I’m eager to help you overcome it and boost your website’s performance.


Starting with DIY SEO is a smart move for small businesses, but as you grow, it may become neccessary to seek professional guidance. I have a team and I’m well-equipped to handle the complexities that come with scaling up your SEO efforts.


I’m here to help you strike the right balance between PPC and organic SEO. My strategies will empower you to reduce PPC costs while driving more targeted organic traffic to your website.


Let’s discuss how my services can benefit your business. I have a wealth of experience working with freelancers and agencies in various capacities, from white-label solutions to strategic partnerships.


I love talking about SEO and helping people succeed. If you have a question or need some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always here to make complex SEO concepts easy for you to grasp.

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Growth of organic keywords in Google over time - top 100 positions
ecommerce revenue increase over 6 months

About Me


I left an 18-year career in I.T behind to pursue SEO full time. It’s not just a job for me – it’s my hobby as well! I’m a bit of an industrial-grade geek for this stuff, and I love it.


The internet was first emerging when I enrolled at John Moores University in 1994, and it has been my passion ever since. After years of working on my own projects, I realised that many SEO providers were doing a poor job, so I started working with local businesses, offering an SEO Wirral service.


My integrity is everything to me, as is getting things right. I was fast-tracked through the ranks when I served in the RAF and “specially recommended for promotion.” Even after leaving, I quickly headed up technology teams. I still apply this mindset today.


I want to help you, and I will do everything in my power to ensure your business brand grows organically online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO and how does it help my Southport based business?

When people think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they often associate it with Google, which is a popular search engine used for finding information, products, and services. Sometimes the spelling of ‘optimization’ may be with a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’.

Of course, Google is not the only search engine.

A search engine is any tool that allows you to search and see a list of results based on an algorithm. While YouTube and Amazon are also search engines, when people think of a search engine, they usually think of Google.

SEO helps people find your content or product more easily in search engines by making it rank higher in search results compared to your competitors.

Increased visibility can result in a higher number of users accessing your website, which in turn increases the chances of achieving your desired outcome, such as making a sale or achieving a specific goal from that search result.

Your search engine ranking is determined by various factors such as the relevance of your page title, the amount of traffic your website generates, the number of backlinks from other websites, social media signals, and other similar elements.

Many factors that affect your search ranking can be influenced through effort, but backlinks are more challenging to obtain. If you rank higher in search results, you may receive more traffic, leading to additional potential customers or achieving your goal for appearing in that search result.

SEO is beneficial for any business, regardless of whether you have a physical product or service to sell or are an online-only business. If people are searching for what you offer, SEO can increase traffic to your website or online store and help promote your business.

How does Google work?

Google aims to provide the most suitable response to its users’ inquiries. In case you require an urgent plumbing service, you are more likely to select either the local search results or the Paid Ads located on the top of Google’s page due to the pressing nature of your search.

Most people who use Google are not ready to buy yet, and they are just browsing. Google can differentiate between different types of search intent and will show relevant websites. While it may not always be accurate, Google is still the best search engine for general search enquiries, and most people prefer it over other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, SEO providers mainly focus on optimizing for Google.

To find new content, Google uses a “search bot” that crawls websites. This content is added to Google’s index. When someone searches for something on Google, it looks through its index and shows the best results. Google also considers the number of backlinks (sites that link to that content) and other factors before deciding where to place a website in search results.

Google uses an algorithm to search for relevant results when you type a query. To do this, it can use a cache of websites it has previously crawled, which is stored on its servers and accessed during your search.

Google’s cached version has the advantage of providing access to information even when the original website is no longer available or not working correctly. It can be especially helpful in situations where a webpage has been taken down. Although the cached version may not always show recent changes, it is still better than losing access to important data altogether.


Will my SEO campaign be a one size fits all approach?

Improving your website’s SEO ranking isn’t a simple task due to the constantly changing and complex nature of the field. It can be tough to figure out where to start. As a solution, we customize our SEO strategy for each client’s website based on their unique business, goals, target market, and budget.

We have our own team of professional writers and content creators.

If you would like, we can collaborate with your own writers. No matter which choice you make, we are committed to assisting you in achieving your desired results.

Will we see a benefit from SEO for our Southport business?

To ensure business success, it’s important to set clear goals and track progress towards achieving them. This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come in handy, as they help measure progress and determine if goals are being achieved.

For our clients, we have work toward three key KPIs: lead generation, website traffic growth, and search engine rankings. By focusing on these goals and achieving them, we are confident that our clients will see a positive return on their investment in our services.

If you need help achieving your goals with SEO, you can count on us as we have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, and we’ll gladly demonstrate our abilities.

There’s lots of SEO agencies in Southport, why Graham SEO?

Please know that Graham SEO is not operated by only one person. It is a registered limited company with VAT registration and has been in operation since 2014.

Our team consists of writers, content creators, link builders, technical SEOs, and client management personnel. We are a small group who work closely together.

We have a track record of delivering results for clients for more than 10 years. Majority of our clients are referred to us by satisfied customers. If you are still uncertain about working with us, feel free to test our services.

The team is headed by the owner of the company, Graham McCormack, who has extensive experience as an SEO consultant. This means you can expect high-quality results for the money you invest.

Our SEO Southport page showcases concrete real-world results, rather than presenting meaningless case studies that may not be conclusive. Output Language Code: EN-GB

We use ethical tactics and do not engage in questionable backlink practices. We can provide you with an evaluation of your current SEO provider’s work, using factual data, and demonstrate where your business is currently positioned. We can also show you the potential benefits of partnering with us.

We provide website management services and other digital solutions to our clients. We are committed to fulfilling all their technology-related requirements. Our existing clients can vouch for the various ways we have assisted them. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

How much does SEO cost?

You can trust that our campaigns will give you a good return on investment. The cost of our services varies depending on your current SEO status and target market. For local SEO, the starting price is £500+vat per month and for national campaigns, it’s £1250+vat per month.

I’ve seen cheaper SEO services – why?

Business owners are often attracted to inexpensive SEO services. I have experienced instances where people have scoffed at my quotes, stating they can easily procure a Fiverr gig for £30 instead of paying me a monthly fee. However, it is important to remember that the quality of the service corresponds with the amount spent.

The seller of those links may use dishonest methods and may not care about the impact on your business.

They are public links that Google knows about and they will shut you down faster than you can say “oops”. 

I’ve even had the owner of a digital marketing agency once tell me that Google don’t penalise legitimate businesses, until I showed him some ahrefs graphs of the BBC and CNET being hit by Google updates and losing millions of viewers in a single day. 

It’s not true that cheap SEO is effective, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing SEO after all this time. Many people underestimate the complexity of SEO. Even Google, with all their resources, has a team dedicated to detecting and penalizing those who use SEO techniques to manipulate search rankings.

Even experienced professionals can make mistakes with things like using the wrong anchor text or building links too quickly, which can result in punishment from Google’s algorithm. In short, it’s not easy to be successful with SEO and mistakes can lead to your business being shut down by Google.

How is SEO different to PPC?

To clarify the difference between PPC and SEO: PPC involves paying Google to have your ad appear at the top of search results, with a cost per click. Organic results appear below the paid ads and are more likely to be clicked, as people tend to recognize the paid ads as advertisements.

To run a Google ads campaign, you need to specify the keywords that you want and don’t want to appear for. However, using the same number of keywords as an organic result may cost you a lot of money in a short time since organic results get more clicks from users.

Organic results are similar to broad match keywords in Google Ads because they show up not only for the main focus keyword, but also for secondary keywords that include different ways of phrasing the search.

Google searches mostly consist of unique phrases. This is due to the 80/20 rule, where the main keyword accounts for only 20% of all searches. The other 80% is unpredictable. Google Ads can be turned on and off as per your budget, but organic SEO results require more time to show.

If I sign up for SEO, what happens next?

1. I will make a technical assessment of your website and set about fixing all of the errors that will affect your SEO.

2. I will ensure that your website is backed up and configured correctly in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, if required Inspectlet and other tracking software. I will make sure that the appropriate events are being tracked as goals and that I am recording your Google rankings ready for your monthly report.

3. I will then make an assessment for the opportunities for quick wins on your website and set about creating these to ensure success.

4. I will then assess your competitors and create a strategy based on their weaknesses.

5. I will look for opportunities for growth beyond what you or your competitors are doing and continue to track, amplify and improve your website and the new content that may have been produced each and every month.

Does that sound like a good plan? 

Remember, I don’t tie you into a contract, and compared to agencies my fees are lower, you deal with me directly and I’m an SEO specialist who has only one aim – to help grow your bottom line with organic website traffic growth.

I am based in Wirral but I can work with you no matter in the world you are but if you are based in Southport I can certainly help.

Can you offer any other business marketing advice?

Your company’s marketing efforts should not solely focus on SEO. Exploring B2B opportunities in Southport can offer valuable avenues for outreach.

Websites such as:

Starting with these sources is helpful, however, it’s important not to overlook the potential of platforms like LinkedIn and community business promotions. To effectively reach your target audience, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and determine where they spend their time, what they’re interested in, what challenges they face, and how your company can address those challenges.

As a business owner in Southport, you must be aware of the intense competition. To differentiate yourself from others, it’s crucial to use various marketing techniques. A generic approach won’t be effective. Your marketing strategies should focus on reaching your target audience with the appropriate message at the appropriate time.

Having a strong online presence is essential in the current digital landscape. To achieve this, you need to ensure that search engines can find your website and boost your visibility by maintaining active social media accounts. However, this is only the initial step.

There are many more steps needed to make sure you have full online optimisation.

For better results in promoting your product/service, try combining traditional and modern marketing methods. You can use time-tested techniques such as print media or TV commercials, which are effective in reaching out to more people. However, don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. There’s nothing better than having your happy clients recommend your business to others.

To achieve marketing success, it’s important to use various techniques and channels. This helps you reach more people with the right message at the perfect time. By doing this, you can surpass your competition in the current market.

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