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My name is Graham McCormack and I'm an SEO Specialist offering my services for SEO Runcorn.
I use my SEO skills to make money from my own projects and for my Runcorn based clients.


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Runcorn (Organic Traffic & NOT Pay Per Click)

Organic Traffic refers to the visitors you can get onto your website without having to pay per click.

The truth is PPC and SEO go hand in hand. PPC is instantaneous and can be switched on and off, it’s great for getting leads quickly for your business. Organic SEO allows you to grow a business by reaching more customers than PPC.

If you think of how you attract people to your business, imagine a funnel. Most people (somewhere as high as between 85% and 95%) of people are not yet ready to buy. These people don’t know you exist.

Attracting these people into your brand then allows them to be ushered around your website to your services or product pages to enact a sale.

Organic SEO allows you to rank for hundreds or even thousands of search terms (known as keywords). If you tried to do this using Google Ads you will quickly burn through a large amount of money.

As I’ve already said, PPC is good for clicks to your website. Not everybody will convert but it’s a great way to reach people at the point of them being ready to buy.

The problem is most people still won’t buy!

Sometimes people buy after their first initial search but most of the time people want to further research the price or look at what people have to say about your company elsewhere on the internet.

This is where SEO comes in.

SEO can attract these people and win their trust in many ways that PPC just can’t. It also allows you to rank high in Google for a LOT of keyword searches and if you were to do this with PPC then you would quickly burn a big hole in your pocket.

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With A Global Reach

My team and I have been working with clients worldwide for over 10 years of all sizes.

Honestly, SEO to me is a bit of a game – one I’ve got really good at over the years.

That’s not to say I don’t take it 100% seriously – I do – but it’s like a puzzle that I have to solve and I love problem solving.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are or how big your company is.

In fact, the bigger the better!

I love working with eCommerce stores and nationally focused websites but I can just as easily make SEO work for your local Runcorn business too.

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SEO Marketing Runcorn

Your Runcorn based business may be trying to attract local customers, you may have a national focus or perhaps you are an eCommerce store. It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll still smash it for you.

Honestly, give me a go and compare my results to other services you may have tried previously. Speak to my existing clients, look at my current results or let’s have a chat about your concerns.

Most of my clients I now class as friends because they’ve stuck with me for so long and we’ve got to know each other very well. I’m a geek, somewhat an introvert, to say the least, but I do like a laugh as much as anybody, work hard play hard as they say!

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I do have some local target locations such as pages for SEO Wirral, SEO Chester, SEO Liverpool, SEO St Helens, SEO Warrington, SEO Southport, SEO Runcorn to name a few but please get in touch, I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.