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SEO Chester by Graham – a local SEO freelance helping Chester based businesses get more targeted traffic and sales through a variety of Internet Marketing services.

  • You may have had SEO before and been ripped off?
  • Maybe you’re at the very start of your new venture and need SEO?
  • Maybe your website has a penalty or perhaps you just need a guy who knows his stuff for a change?
  • No matter the reason you need an expert at SEO I can help.

SEO Chester



Graham SEO ChesterI have worked with local, national & international businesses for years and ranked so many websites I’ve lost count. Trust me, I’m a geek and I love my job! I was at university in 1994 when the internet was born (I was a user of telnet and ftp before that) and have been fascinated ever since. I turned professional about 4 years ago having been doing SEO for many years before that on my own projects.


Who I Work With

I’ve worked with many companies around the Chester area over the years and if you are a locally based business then I’d be happy to work with you too.

I carry out work for a number of UK digital agencies, freelance web designers/developers and also for my own clients. If you are an agency or freelancer looking for somebody you can trust and friendly to work with then please get in touch.

I am also open to new business ventures. If you have a good idea but are maybe struggling to market it properly then let’s talk!

Some Common Questions from Chester Companies about SEO

Let’s start at the beginning:

What is SEO?

It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of making your website more visible in the search engines when people type in things to Google and other other search engines including YouTube, Facebook etc (yes these are considered search engines too).

Good SEO identifies the best “keywords” (these are the words typed into search engines) and adjusts your website so that when Google and the other engines comes along to your website they “understand” what you are about and will position your website higher than your competitors in their results.

The benefit of this is that you get more clicks from the people searching than your competitor and therefore stand a better chance of converting them into paying customers and loyal fans of your business.

Does SEO work?

I should hope so I’ve built a career upon it!

Lots of people attempt SEO, there are even some people who say “SEO is dead”, well they are dead wrong 🙂

It has changed a lot over the years that’s all. A good professional – as in any trade – will learn, adjust and move forward. Just because we now have personalised results, mobile results, multiple search engines and not just Google this doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t work.

In fact here’s a recent graph to prove it:

graph showing the effect of SEO on traffic

So how DOES it work these days?

Your customers are online and they have a pattern when looking for something. Identify this pattern and tap into it, find a way to give those people searching something that is useful and they will likely begin to trust you. Ideally they will buy from your straight away but not always. Sometimes you have to provide them with useful content first, something worthwhile telling other people about. This isn’t always the case and if you are a local service provider such as a builder or perhaps in the beauty market offering botox in and around Chester – maybe all you need to do is to show them you are trustworthy (with images and recommendations) and a good Call To Action (CTA) so they can give you a call or get in touch another way.

It really is about understanding user patterns and answering a query, figure out how to do this and you’re half way there. Get them onto your website and make them convert a customer and you’re 70% of the way there. Get their email and turn them into a repeat customer and you’re 85% of the way there but get them telling all of their friends how great your brand is and the jobs done, 100%.

What type of client do I work with?

There is no typical client. I have worked with a number of businesses worldwide.

I prefer to work with established businesses who already have age and authority with their website, it also makes SEO a lot easier when sites are built upon the WordPress platform too.

Do you work alone or with other people?

I do all of the SEO work myself, I do have a group of other people that I have partnered with to compliment what I do and for larger projects, I can work as team with, some of these groups are in Manchester,  Liverpool and Chester. If you are worried that I may not be able to handle a larger website then think again. If you Google for SEO Chester you can already see one of the companies that I work with on page 1 and all other companies regardless of where they are are also in high positions within Google.

I have split these questions up into further FAQ pages to compliment this Chester section, you can click here to see more.