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My name is Graham McCormack, I am a Chester SEO specialist with over 15 years experience.

I can help with all technical and SEO matters related to your website.

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How Can SEO Help Your Chester Business?

When you walk down Foregate Street in Chester, just think of all the different types of shop and cafe you encounter. How do you decide which one to visit? Everybody makes a choice where they spend their money based upon a number of factors but when it comes to your website it is digital marketing that will help to influence their choice.

Search Engine Optimisation gives your website an online presence. An SEO company, or SEO consultant, can help get you to the top of Google so when your customers are browsing, they find your business before your competitor.

Your SEO Strategy

Your website is unique and requires its own strategy. In order to be successful, it may be true that you should copy success, but if you don’t innovate then you will never be bigger and better than your competitors. So how do you copy success when it comes to Google search?

The SEO Process Explained

The SEO process encompasses a sequence of steps that aim to improve a website’s visibility on search engines. These steps include:

Your Niche, Your Competitors

We will conduct an SEO audit on your website to find out exactly where you are up to. We will leave no stone unturned, we will thoroughly investigate everything from your hosting, website history, on-page optimisation, off page link profile, social presence, your E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), how your content stacks up against Google’s Helpful Content Updates and more.

We will then repeat this for your niche and your competitors. This is called Gap Analysis.

We will then set about bridging this gap so that you overtake your competitors and gain more valuable traffic to your website and potential customers.

We will then innovate by performing further research how we can continue to grow your business using organic search.

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How Much Will SEO Cost?

We believe in transparency and flexibility. We offer clear and upfront pricing, eliminating any hidden fees or surprises, allowing you to make an informed decision about your investment in SEO.

Local SEO Chester starts at £450+vat

National SEO starts at £750+vat

E-commerce SEO starts at £1250+vat

These are starting points. The actual quote depends upon the amount of work required to get you where you need to be based upon your current position and strength of competition. 

Organic vs Paid SEO: Making the Right Choice

While both organic and paid SEO have their advantages, it is important to know how and when to use each.

PPC (paid adverts), including Google Ads, can be switched on and off. You pay per click and you can manage your budget accordingly.

So Why Choose Organic SEO Over PPC?

Your website is made up of pages.

These pages will have a primary topical focus, e.g. SEO Chester.

But they also appear for a number of other keywords too, e.g. SEO agency Chester, SEO expert Chester, Internet Marketing company in Chester and so on.

These “secondary” keywords need to be thought of in the 80/20 rule. Your primary keyword will likely bring in 20% your traffic, the 80% is brought in by the remaining keywords.

If you were to target these keywords with PPC then that will be INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE.

This is the beauty of the organic result – you get these keywords at a fraction of the cost.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Unlike PPC, organic SEO takes longer. Using tools such as Ahrefs it is possible to analyse how long it took your competition to obtain their success. We can use this data to predict what they did and when they did it in order to make a prediction for your own website. 

In truth you need to be in SEO for the long term, it is a marathon and not a sprint and in a lot of cases can take 6 to 12 months to see meaningful results, but it really does depend upon your current website age, authority, standing and the how competitive the niche you are in is.

Meet Our Team 


Graham SEO Consultant

Graham McCormack

This is me, I’m the founder of Graham SEO Ltd. At the time of writing I’m 48 years old married with two children. I’m ex-forces and when I’m not doing SEO I’m either training in martial arts (Wing Chun), playing or writing music (bass player if you’re interested). I also love my VW Camper (T5) and combine my passion for living my best life, camper and SEO together!

Pete Naylor

Pete Naylor

Pete is actually an ex GP (doctor) who invented a cure for snoring and decided not to return to medical practise. We met by chance through our daughters. At the time I had a issue with my throat and couldn’t speak. With time on his hands, Pete kindly offered to talk to some of my clients on my behalf.

He got to know more about what I do and we became good friends and started working together, as the saying goes, we never looked back. That was about four years ago and things are still going strong.

Pete won’t admit it, but these days he’s a great SEO and handles the majority of my customer enquiries including reporting and get’s stuck into a good deal of the day to day work too.

Katie Finch

Katie started working with me about six years ago as a writer. As AI grew and SEO became more complex, she stopped being “just” a writer and now helps with a wide range of content related areas of the business.

When it comes to publishing content she really knows her stuff and has a strict code of when it comes to quality assurance.

We all muck in together with a lot of the tasks we do and Katie is no exception, willingly underaking any new part of the strategy as and when required.

Lucy Bendcott

Lucy is one of my link builders and a fantastic person for guest post outreach. Link building is such a crucial role for ranking in Google and is invaluable to my team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility in search engines, such as Google, by optimising its technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity. This allows webpages to rank higher and increases organic traffic.

Is SEO still valuable?

Yes, SEO is still a valuable investment in 2024. AI tools and techniques are increasingly important for optimising websites for search engine rankings, while high-quality content is rewarded by search engines. 

Is it worth paying for SEO services?

Given that SEO can effectively increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, and boost sales revenue, it is well worth investing in SEO services if approached correctly.

What services does Graham SEO Chester provide?

SEO Chester offers a wide range of services, such as audits, strategy formulation and website optimisation, to help improve search engine rankings.