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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

In plain English when your customers search for something related to your product or service you attract them to your website.

It is different to Google Adwords because you don’t need to pay for clicks.

SEO results have been proven to get a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) than Adwords.

A good SEO service will not limit the keywords you target & instead will focus upon growing your customer traffic & Return On Investment (ROI).

There is NO offficial SEO qualification that you can get, only Adwords. An SEO qualification does not exist, the only proof of skill are results and longevity in the industry – I’ve done SEO for many years and currently rank at the top for Liverpool, Wirral, Southport, Chester & have ranked other companies top for Wigan, Warrington, Cheshire & Manchester.

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Graham SEO Chester

Graham McCormack

Let me tell you a secret…no matter what other SEO providers may tell you – your single keyword rankings are not that important in 2019 and keyword volume is pretty much wrong – I have the secret winning formula, see my evidence graphs below.

My main Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is getting you more traffic and sales and I’m winning – do you want me on your side?

Ever since I was very young I’ve always loved taking things apart and figuring them out. I’m like this with SEO, it’s a puzzle that I love working on. I’m also really into business and I love the city of Chester. I live not too far from Chester so it makes sense that I target my services there. I love helping people too, I think this all makes for a great recipe to tie my skills into helping Chester based businesses grow to their full website potential.

I had an 18 year career in IT (7 of which were in the RAF ) before finding my calling in life – Search Engine Optimisation.


How Long Have You Been in SEO?

I remember the internet first emerging in 1994 (I was at Johns Moores University studying Electronic Engineering at the time), I was fascinated by it. Back then I started by building out my own websites, creating my own SEO campaigns and gaining years of experience before deciding to switch careers to client based SEO in 2010. I haven’t looked back since.


How Much SEO Experience Have You Got?

I have been the director of two successful digital marketing agencies prior to deciding to offer my services as a specialist SEO consultant directly to clients. I have also recently started a new Organic Growth Agency called Redwing Consult which will see the light of day very soon.

In terms of clients I’ve worked with small & big businesses all around the world from London plumbers, international airports, real estate agents in Canada & E-Commerce stores. I’m more than happy to help Chester based businesses regardless of where their target market is to succeed with their own SEO

On Page Optimisation | Content Strategies | Link Building | Analytics | Problem Solving

More targeted website visitors = more leads

On Page Optimisation | Content Strategies | Link Building | Analytics | Problem Solving

More targeted website visitors = more leads

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  • Monthly “done for you” SEO – leave it to me, I’ll get the results

  • My tenacity, problem solving skills & years of experience can find out why you’re not ranking or getting traffic

  • My advice is free, it doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational or local flower seller, I’d love to help

  • Local, national & E-commerce SEO sites, Google penalty, no sales, no problem.

  • My integrity & approach-ability is everything to me. I treat others the way I’d like to be treated.

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