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I’m Graham McCormack, an SEO Liverpool Specialist providing technical website and optimisation Services
to website owners in Liverpool. Rank higher in Google, get more website visitors and increase your sales.

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Organic Search Engine
Optimisation Liverpool (Not Paid Clicks)

> Unlike Google Ads SEO results are “organic” which means you don’t pay per click.

> DID YOU KNOW? Pay Per Click (PPC) Search volume is wrong when it comes to SEO?

> Once the way to do SEO was to focus on a single keyword with the highest monthly search volume. Pages and posts don’t appear in Google for a single keyword, more importantly, more than 85% of people use a variety of other search phrases before they know what they want. This is where content, media and general good web marketing come into play. I design my campaigns so they suit YOUR website, everything is bespoke.

> With this in mind also consider that Google and other search engines personalise results, so if you can attract the 85% of people not yet ready to buy into your website, you can influence them when they are ready to buy by helping personalise their results with your website cookies.

> Then when they are in the 15% who know exactly what they want you will be able to appear above your competitors without even trying.

> This means that you can effectively replace your PPC costs whilst appearing and influencing your target customers to buy from you.

> SEO grows your brand name organically and help turn casual visitors into loyal fans of your brand.

> Organic SEO Marketing allows you to rank for hundreds or even thousands of search terms (known as keywords). If you tried to do this using Google Ads you will quickly burn through a large amount of money.

> With PPC the results are instant but you pay per click as the name implies. SEO takes longer but the results tend to stay in place, the clicks are free and a good SEO campaign will keep growing your brand visibility and the amount of keywords your website appears for when people search.

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SEO Liverpool

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SEO Liverpool? You’re Here For A Reason
How Can I Help?


This is one of the main reasons people come to me, they try an agency and don’t get the experience they deserve and eventually looking for an SEO Consultant or specialist.


You’re in the right place. I know every aspect of technical SEO inside out. Website relaunches, traffic dropping, can’t figure out a problem with your website, whatever you need, I’ll be here for you.


Business owners often find themselves in the position of having to handle their own SEO.  Once your company has grown past a certain point- where do we go from here? It may be time for an SEO Professional or Expert to take over so that success will never feel like it’s out of reach again.


SEO is a great way to reduce your PPC spend and expand the size of your business. Organic traffic from search engines provides free exposure for your company, which can also increase customer conversions as well!


I have various alternatives available to you depending on your budget. And, I just started partnering with some people who are willing and able to work in revenue share model!


I love SEO, it’s my passion and I love helping people, which is why I became an SEO Consultant. Please do not hesitate to ask anything; I am more than happy to offer you SEO assistance.

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◈ Google Search Engine Specialist
◈ Technical SEO Expert
◈ Specialist in Local SEO, eCommerce, and Internal / National SEO
◈ ROI driven growth with real results to prove it
◈ No campaign too big
◈ Regular Insightful Monthly Reports
◈ Appear before your competitors in Google
◈ Replace or reduce your PPC spend
◈ Website Management Included
◈ No Contract – Month by Month service
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Graham | SEO


I’ll spend time investigating your website and then show you , together, how we’re going to grow your business using free organic search traffic from Google.

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SEO Services For Liverpool

Customised Campaigns

I don’t adhere to a stringent formula or present you with a generic package that may or may not be effective. Every action I undertake is rooted in a deep understanding of your industry and your specific goals.

Your success is vitally important to me; my own reputation has been sculpted through assisting businesses just like yours to thrive. That’s why every strategy I employ is customised and will be modified as needed throughout the campaign.

Technical Support Extending Beyond SEO

Prior to my transition to SEO several years ago, I enjoyed an 18-year career in IT Support. I’m here to assist with your website, hosting, SSL, and any other technical aspects, providing advice whenever you find yourself in a quandary.

You’ll Always Be More Than Just a Client

SEO is not just my career; it’s my absolute passion and hobby. I’m undeniably a geek when it comes to triumphing in search.

My company, which originated from a modest kitchen table, has expanded into a six-figure VAT registered Ltd company, all propelled by word-of-mouth recommendations.

I was at John Moores University in 1994 when the internet began to unfold, and I was captivated from the outset. I began assisting clients with their businesses in 2008 and, after several years in digital agencies, inaugurated a customised SEO Consultancy service in 2014, now with a particular focus on the Liverpool area.

As a former military personnel, I pride myself on my integrity and proven ability to achieve results.

My team and I are EAGER to assist YOU, and I will utilise every available resource to ensure your business brand develops organically online.

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Organic Search Engine
Optimisation Liverpool (Not Paid Clicks)

Distinguishing Between PPC and SEO

Navigating through the distinctions between PPC and SEO can be perplexing, so here’s a straightforward breakdown:

Organic Results

Unlike Google Ads, SEO results are “organic,” meaning you don’t incur costs per click.

Topical Approach

Organic SEO has evolved beyond ranking for single keywords and is now topical. This is crucial since 85% of people searching for your business may not know you exist and might be far from using specific keywords in their searches.

Personalised Results

Search engines like Google now personalise results. By attracting the 85% of people not yet ready to purchase to your website, you can influence their buying decision when they are ready.

Ranking for Multiple Keywords

Organic SEO enables you to rank for hundreds or even thousands of search terms (keywords). Attempting this with Google Ads could rapidly consume a significant budget.

Instant vs. Gradual Results

PPC provides instant results but at a cost per click. In contrast, SEO may take longer to show results, but they tend to be more stable, clicks are free, and a robust SEO campaign will continually expand your brand visibility and the number of keywords your website ranks for during searches.

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Graham | SEO


I’ll spend time investigating your website and then show you , together, how we’re going to grow your business using free organic search traffic from Google.

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Liverpool SEO
Here’s how it works:

  1. Comprehensive Technical Assessment
    I will conduct a thorough technical evaluation of your website, addressing all errors that could impact your SEO.

  2. Ensuring Website Backup and Correct Configuration
    Your website will be backed up and accurately configured in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and if necessary, Inspectlet and other tracking software. I’ll ensure that relevant events are tracked as goals and that your Google rankings are recorded for your monthly report.

  3. Identifying and Implementing Quick Wins
    An assessment will be conducted to identify opportunities for quick wins on your website, and I will implement these to assure success.

  4. Competitor Assessment and Strategy Development
    Your competitors will be assessed, and a strategy will be formulated, exploiting their weaknesses.

  5. Uncovering and Pursuing Growth Opportunities
    I will seek opportunities for growth beyond the actions of you or your competitors, continuously tracking, amplifying, and enhancing your website and any new content produced each month.

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Does that sound like a good plan? 

Remember, I don’t tie you into a contract, and compared to agencies my fees are lower, you deal with me directly and I’m an SEO specialist who has only one aim – to help grow your bottom line with organic website traffic growth.

I am based in Wirral but I can work with you no matter in the world you are but if you are based in Chester  I can certainly help.

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Graham | SEO

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I do have some local target locations such as pages for SEO Wirral, SEO Chester, SEO Liverpool, SEO St Helens, SEO Warrington, SEO Southport, SEO Runcorn to name a few but please get in touch, I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.