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My name is Graham. I run a specialist SEO agency serving St Helens with a handful of dedicated staff.

I’ve done SEO for 15+ years.

In that time I’ve made multiple millions in revenue for my clients and worked with all sizes of websites worldwide.

Let me demonstrate to you exactly how an SEO campaign can  turn your money into a Return On Investment.

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Agencies are not the best solution for everyone, particularly if they deal with a lot of clients are you are just a number. For the past 5 years or so the vast majority of my new clients have arrived by word of mouth recommendations based upon my performance. I’m confident I can deliver a much better service to you and your business than your current provider. 


Great! I’m a super nerd for technical issues and SEO is my forte. Let’s have a look at what could be holding your website back, I bet you I figure it out!

As you get more customers, keeping up with what they want can be tough. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about getting an SEO pro on board as your business gets bigger. My team and I know the ins and outs of what’ll help your company the most and how to keep it going strong in this fast-paced market!


If you’re up for slashing PPC spending and bumping up SEO clicks, we’ve got your back! We’ll guide you on how to use organic Google traffic to make that happe


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About Us

SEO isn’t just a career for me; I walked away from an 18-year I.T. profession to fully devote myself to SEO. You could say I’m a hardcore enthusiast when it comes to this stuff – it’s not only my work but my hobby as well!

I’ve been in the game since 1994 when I joined John Moores University as the internet was just starting to take off, and it’s been my passion ever since. After working on my own projects for years, I noticed many SEO providers were falling short, so I began offering SEO services to local businesses in Wirral.

As a former RAF member, my integrity is crucial to me, and so is getting things right. I advanced through the ranks quickly during my service and was even “specially recommended for promotion.” Upon leaving, I soon led technology teams, and I still carry this mindset today.

My goal is to help YOU, and I’ll do everything I can to ensure your business brand flourishes organically online.

I have a small team of dedicated writers, link builders and account handling staff who help me get the work done, but the buck (and strategy) stop with me. My team are effectively an extension of my own hands and everything is carried out and double checked as if I did it myself  – I can’t let go of technical SEO and strategy though, I love it too much :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO for St Helens?

It’s a fact of life for the modern marketer: if you want your website to be found by customers, then you need to understand the mysteries of SEO and search engines.

Let’s talk about SEO first – that’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.

It’s a series of tricks and tactics used by marketers to ensure their websites show up when people search for relevant keywords on search engines.

Speaking of which, what is a search engine? Well, it’s kind of like getting help from a person in a library or bookstore, but it’s a computerised robot helping you locate things on the ‘shelves’ of the internet.

All you have to do is punch in some criteria like keywords or phrases and let these digital librarians suggest where you can find answers.

How does SEO Marketing work For St Helens businesses?

Google has become an almost magical force for knowledge in our digital world.

The search engine juggernaut is a complex system made up of computers and networks from all around the globe. Simply put Google works by crawling the internet, gathering information on web pages and sorting it into a useful database.

Every time you type into the search bar, algorithms hone in on the most relevant pages while eliminating irrelevant ones.

Google is committed to providing its users with the most relevant search results. If you are in an urgent situation and need a plumber right away, the local or Paid Ads at the top will likely be your go-to result – which Google understands without fail!

However, in most cases 85% of people who use Google are not ready to buy yet – they are merely browsing.

The intelligence of Google is remarkable enough to distinguish the various kinds of user intent and will display a website that corresponds accordingly.

Although it may not always yield the most accurate results, Google is still the foremost search engine today and remains our go-to source for basic searches. Most people continue to use this over Bing, Yahoo and other alternatives – which further explains why many SEO providers prioritize their efforts on Google’s platform.

Google utilises a search bot – sometimes also referred to as a spider – which is software designed to find and assess your website. It attempts to understand the purpose of the webpage or blog post it’s crawling, delivering you with more accurate results for any queries.

Whenever you type a query into Google, the website crawler accesses its stored copies of cached webpages on its servers to provide you with accurate and immediate results.

What SEO services do you offer?

Taking control of your digital identity is no small feat, which is why Graham SEO have developed a range of services to suit businesses of all kinds.

Whether you’re a small business trying to gain local traction or an expansive entity hoping for national reachability, there are SEO solutions tailored just for you! Of course, the age and significance of your domain name will play a major role in how well you rank on the web – and that’s where we come in.

At Graham SEO, we’ve categorised our clientele into three distinct phases: start-ups (Phase 1), existing companies (Phase 2) and optimised webpages (Phase 3).

Start-ups need every bit of help they can get while existing companies can capitalise on already-established brands.

Moving onto Phase 3, websites already doing well in terms of search ranking have the chance to pick up handy low-hanging fruit. In other words, we’ve got an arsenal full of customisable options to let your business face the online world with confidence!

Will we see a benefit from SEO for our business?

To ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of services to our clients, at Graham SEO, we measure our performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Our top KPI’s comprise:

Leads for your business

Traffic growth to your website

Rankings in search engines

In that exact order too.

If you’re looking to see a return on investment for your SEO spend, it all depends on the track record of your domain and what market you are targeting.

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