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SEO Chester - a local freelance expert helping Chester based businesses & agencies get more targeted traffic.

  • You may have had SEO before and been ripped off?
  • Maybe you're at the very start of your new venture and need SEO?
  • Maybe your website has a penalty or perhaps you just need a guy who knows his stuff for a change?
  • Local Chester business or located elsewhere? No problem.
  • No matter the reason you need an expert at SEO I can help.

I have worked with local, national & international businesses for years and ranked so many websites I've lost count. Trust me, I'm a geek and I love my job! I was at university in 1994 when the internet was born (I was a user of telnet and ftp before that) and have been fascinated ever since. I turned professional about 4 years ago having been doing SEO for many years before that on my own projects.


Sometimes you just need the guidance of somebody who knows what they are doing. If you want to do your own SEO and have me guide you then I can help. One time consultancy fee or on going month by month.


If you would prefer somebody to lead the way and just get on with the job then this month by month agreement with no tie in is for you.

Freelance Service

One time tasks such as on page SEO fixes, link building, site moves and more. My skills are diverse and I am glad to tackle anything that involves a website, the internet or technology in general.

White Label

I can provide white label services, this is great for digital agencies and web developers who want to offer their clients SEO under their own name.

Watch this video, within 5 minutes 40 seconds I want to show you how I can save you money & time and make YOUR business more successful online.

Just Some of My Own Results - Google Positions Over Time

Who I Work With

I've worked with many companies around the Chester area over the years and if you are a locally based business then I'd be happy to work with you too.

I carry out work for a number of UK digital agencies, freelance web designers/developers and also for my own clients. If you are an agency or freelancer looking for somebody you can trust and friendly to work with then please get in touch.

I am also open to new business ventures. If you have a good idea but are maybe struggling to market it properly then let's talk!


Some Common Questions from Chester Companies about SEO


The people from Chester and surrounding areas who get in touch with me wanting SEO services come to me with a wide range of backgrounds with regard to their previous SEO experience.


Sometimes people have some knowledge and have tried to do their own optimisation or link building and it has gone horribly wrong. More often than not I get approached to sort out issues created by cowboy SEO agencies or freelancers (and trust me there a lot!).


Of course there are always people who have never done their own digital marketing with a focus on Google rankings or traffic building and there are people who are absolutely adamant they do not want anything other than white hat content marketing.


If you are reading this page and you are thinking of getting in touch (please do) then let me take a minute of your time to answer some questions you may have. That way you and I should be able to have common ground without any misunderstandings.


Here are some questions I get asked and their answers as well as some statements I hear:

What is SEO?
Does SEO work?
So how DOES it work these days?
Do you work alone or with other people?


How do I rank in Google in 2017?

Google Under Pressure

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Most people who contact me have at least had some experience of SEO before, albeit not always the best.


The thing is once you get to do SEO and you start to see results it can be really addictive, it gets in your blood. Sometimes people come to search engine optimisation because they are interested in making money online and others simply because they want to learn how to market their business on the Internet.

This isn't too far away from where I started myself and all of these years later if I could give you one piece of advice it would be to let the experts handle it.

I would say that, after all I'm looking to gain more business, or at least that's what you would think. But the truth is actually far more scary!

Ranking in Chester & In Google