I EXCEL when working with larger companies, the bigger the better. You may think that because I’m not an agency you won’t work with me but you would be so wrong to do that – I am a specialist at growing your commercial website traffic (plus I’m a LOT cheaper), see one example below…

National SEO Services

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and an increase in keyword visibility like this:

Keyword visibility

I can help with any technical aspect of your SEO, I can also grow your organic traffic and with more traffic you increase the chances of sales.

If you want me in your corner then please just use the contact form below, I do have a few rules though as I won’t work with just anybody:

  • I won’t work with free websites like Moonfruit or Wix, they’re just bad for SEO. I can help you move to a better platform though.
  • Most of my clients are now my friends having been with me for many years, I like who I work with so it’s important we get along.
  • I am used to the “cottage industry” and have heard so many times “but you’re just a guy on his own” – I’ve owned agencies, I now specialise in organic traffic growth.

I am based in the UK but I will work with you no matter wherever in the world you are.


My national SEO prices start at £500 per month but will increase due to how competitive your market is and how much budget you can throw at your SEO.

National SEO is best targeted using a content marketing strategy which means if you have a bigger budget then I can grab more organic traffic quicker for you.

I don’t limit the keywords I target, my goal is to smash your SEO traffic out the park. I’ll make recommendations to you and you tell me how much you can spend, if you can only spend £500 then results will still come but may take longer.

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I prefer an email but you can always ring me Tel: 0151 541 0556

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