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This is one of the main reasons people come to me, they try an agency and don’t get the experience they deserve and eventually look for an SEO Consultant or specialist.


You’re in the right place. I know every aspect of technical SEO inside out. Website relaunches, traffic dropping, can’t figure out a problem with your website, whatever you need, I’ll be there for you.


Business owners often find themselves in the position of having to handle their own SEO.  Once your company has grown past a certain point- where do we go from here? It may be time for an SEO Professional or Expert to take over so that success will never feel like it’s out of reach again.


SEO is a great way to reduce your PPC spend and expand the size of your business. Organic traffic from search engines provides free exposure for your company, which can also increase customer conversions as well!


No problem, get in touch for a chat. I already provide SEO to a number of agencies. We can present this either as a white label or partnership, whichever works best for you.


I love SEO, it’s my passion and I love helping people, which is why I became an SEO Consultant. Please do not hesitate to ask anything; I am more than happy to offer you SEO assistance.

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◈ Google Search Engine Specialist
◈ Technical SEO Expert
◈ Specialist in eCommerce, Law Firms and other nationally focused companies
◈ ROI driven growth with real results to prove it
◈ No campaign too big
◈ Regular Insightful Monthly Reports
◈ Appear before your competitors in Google
◈ Replace or reduce your PPC spend
◈ Website Management Included
◈ No Contract – Month by Month service
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Graham | SEO


I’ll spend time investigating your website and then show you , together, how we’re going to grow your business using free organic search traffic from Google.


Organic Google


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Organic Search Engine
Optimisation Liverpool (Not Paid Clicks)

Unlike Google Ads SEO results are “organic” which means you don’t pay per click.

DID YOU KNOW? Pay Per Click (PPC) Search volume is wrong when it comes to SEO?

Once the way to do SEO was to focus on a single keyword with the highest monthly search volume. Pages and posts don’t appear in Google for a single keyword, more importantly, more than 85% of people use a variety of other search phrases before they know what they want. This is where content, media and general good web marketing come into play. I design my campaigns so they suit YOUR website, everything is bespoke.

With this in mind also consider that Google and other search engines personalise results, so if you can attract the 85% of people not yet ready to buy into your website, you can influence them when they are ready to buy by helping personalise their results with your website cookies.

Then when they are in the 15% who know exactly what they want you will be able to appear above your competitors without even trying.

This means that you can effectively replace your PPC costs whilst appearing and influencing your target customers to buy from you.

SEO grows your brand name organically and help turn casual visitors into loyal fans of your brand.

Organic SEO Marketing allows you to rank for hundreds or even thousands of search terms (known as keywords). If you tried to do this using Google Ads you will quickly burn through a large amount of money.

With PPC the results are instant but you pay per click as the name implies. SEO takes longer but the results tend to stay in place, the clicks are free and a good SEO campaign will keep growing your brand visibility and the amount of keywords your website appears for when people search.

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SEO With A Global Reach

My team and I have been working with clients worldwide of all sizes for many years with GREAT results.

There really is no limit to what we can handle when it comes to SEO so please don’t be put off if you think your business is too big for us.

I have personally trained my writers to create content with SEO in mind, I still work with them on every single piece of content that gets released.

Our aim is to get you better organic SEO results, improve the leads and brand visibility within Google and other search engines.

We can work with your business if your focus is local, national or international and it doesn’t matter if you are an ECommerce store or local builder.

Our aim is to grow the number of leads flowing into your business and increase your brand visibility and over the years we’ve operated we’ve become quite good at this, to say the least.

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Many people think of Google when they think of SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, sometimes you will see the American spelling of Optimisation as Optimization with ‘z’). Google is a ‘search engine’ which allows for people to search for the answers to questions, services, products and other things of interest. Of course, Google is not the only search engine. You can think of anything that has the ability for you to search which is backed up by an algorithm to show you a set of results as a search engine.

YouTube is a search engine, Amazon is a search engine too but most people think of Google when they think of a search engine.

SEO allows people to find you in a search engine when they are looking for something but more importantly it allows you to appear higher in the search results than your competitors.

There are lots of ways that you can optimise for search and it really depends upon the type of business you have and who your target market is, that’s why at Graham SEO we use different tactics depending upon your goals.

Google wants to give it’s users the best answer for the queries it is given. If you need an emergency plumber, for example, you are most likely to click the local results or even Paid Ads at the top of Google simply because of the urgency of your search.

However, in most cases 85% of people who use Google are not ready to buy yet – they are merely browsing.

Google is smart enough to know the difference between the types of searcher intent and will show you a website that matches this.

It doesn’t always get it right though but it’s still the best search engine in the world and our best resource for general search enquiries. Most people still use it over and above others such as Bing, Yahoo etc so this is where most SEO providers will focus their efforts.

Google uses a “search bot” which is software that crawls your website to try and understand the purpose of the website and the page or blog post it is crawling, you may hear this called a ‘spider’.

Google caches the websites it crawls and stores it on their servers ready to be presented to you for when you perform a search.

No, that’s why Graham SEO offer different types of SEO services. You may be a local business trying to target a local audience or a nationally focused business with a wider spread of target customer.

The age and history of your domain name counts too, this can go in your favour or against you when you are doing SEO.

We think of clients as either in phase 1,2 or 3. Phase 1 is a brand new start up business with no history or presence on the internet.

Phase 2 is a client that has been around for a while but does not have a huge amount of visibility on the internet but does have a strong brand in the offline world and get’s searched for by it’s brand name online.

Phase 3 means you are already performing well in search and have a lot of opportunities known as low hanging fruity to capitalise upon when you start doing SEO.

We take a bespoke, individual approach to your website and tailor the strategy according to these basic factors.

We look at your competitors too, just to see if they’re doing anything that you can be inspired by but then do it even better.

Our final phase is to grow your business using content marketing and the creation of further content assets. We have a team of writers and content creators here at Graham SEO or we can work directly with your writers in house.


We measure our performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and here at Graham SEO our top KPI’s are:

Leads for your business
Traffic growth to your website
Rankings in search engines

In that order.

Yes you should see a Return On Investment for your SEO spend but it depends on the history of your domain and where your target market is but our results are proof that we can do what we say we can.

Graham SEO is lead by a very experienced SEO Consultant, Graham McCormack.

Graham is the project lead on every single project we undertake.

We are a small close knit team of writers, content creators, link builders, technical SEO’s and client management personnel.

Yes, you have a lot of choice but only the results matter and we’ve been getting results for over 10 years for our clients. The vast majority of our clients now come from word of mouth recommendations and it is very rare that clients cancel with us.

If you are still unsure who you should work with then put us to the test. If you have an existing SEO provider we’ll be more than happy to give you an appraisal of their work and show you exactly where your business is up to (using real provable data) and where you COULD be if you work with Graham and the team.

We don’t do them in house because we’re a specialist SEO team but we do work with many web designers and can certainly help you get a site done. The main difference is that we’ll work shoulder to shoulder with them to ensure that you hit the ground running with SEO once it is complete.

We can also help with website management too, in fact we can help with anything digital – we can be your one stop digital shop, just ask any of our existing clients and you may be surprised at the lengths that we’ve gone to help them with their technology needs.

Good SEO is not cookie cutter. You can follow a set of instructions and still not get results, especially if you are up against a seasoned SEO professional.

Most serious businesses these days invest in SEO as a part of their digital marketing and so the playing field is not level.

Yes, you could certainly follow a set of rules and get some results but this would be the equivalent of installing a boiler with a DIY book and expecting to be able to install boilers for everybody else.

If you read our other FAQ’s you will have seen that we take your business on and employ a bespoke strategy for your website based upon over 10 years experience of what works and what doesn’t and no two websites will ever be the same.

Our SEO services start at £350 per month but each price is different dependant upon where your website is up to in terms of your current level of SEO and how big your target market is.

Our campaigns are bespoke and our aim is to give you a Return On Investment so we can discuss your budget with you and set a fair figure which is affordable and designed to ensure you get your money back with profit on top.


We are not expensive, our goal is to make you money but if you buy cheap you get cheap and may end up getting a Google penalty. We’ve heard it all over the years, and the section below this is full of some of those sayings with our advisory answers.

Our campaigns are bespoke to you. SEO packages don’t work.

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity you could be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and wind up in a tricky situation very difficult to recover from with Google.

I am an SEO Consultant based in Wirral (SEO Wirral) in the North West sat between Chester and Liverpool.

For some of my target locations near you (we are not restricted to any particular location) see the following pages:

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