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Hi, I’m Graham McCormack, an SEO Consultant providing technical SEO and organic growth services to companies in Liverpool using Search Engine Optimisation. If you want to grow your organic website traffic and increase sales & leads, I’m your man.

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An image showing SEO results that an SEO Consultant in Liverpool has achieved
  • An increase in organic SEO traffic of 94% within 4 weeks due to an increase in company visibility within Google
  • Organic conversion rate increased by 42.48%
  • Transactions directly from SEO increased from 1,100 per month to 2,268% increase)

  • Revenue from SEO went from £54,733 to £112,736 within 4 weeks



Here’s the truth, I’m crap at web design and it shows. But you haven’t come here for a new website, you’ve come here because either:

  1. You are already with someone for SEO and they’re not getting results.
  2. You’re moving your website or reskinning it and need some technical SEO assistance.
  3. You have been trying to do your own SEO and have either hit a brick wall or no longer have the time.
  4. You have heard from word of mouth that I’ll get you SEO results.

As a business owner, I’m sure you know that in order to scale your company you need to be able to delegate certain tasks to people you can trust to get the job done.

A quick search in Google will reveal just how many companies there are out there it can make it a difficult choice. Will you go with the cheapest? The one with the biggest office? The biggest team? The best fluffy sales pitch?

How about the smaller one that just gets results? After all, only the results matter right? Don’t pay agency overheads, I have a slick little team helping me with writing and client communications but you get ME and my skills.

I’ve been helping clients outrank their competitors and grow their business with SEO for more than 10 years and have owned 2 digital agencies. I now specialise in SEO.

I absolutely love what I do, technical SEO and content marketing is my hobby and my job. I love helping people just like you grow their business organically online.

More importantly, I don’t have the overheads that agencies often have and I would pit my results against a big agency any day.

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Why Work With Me?

The simple answer is because I get results.

I carry out the SEO work myself but I have an account manager, two writers and an assistant who help me with my SEO services. This means NO outsourcing, you get MY skills and it is ME that will get YOU more website visitors and sales, plus help grow your brand organically.

I am ex-forces and pride myself on my integrity and ability to get results. I know exactly how to plan and execute a custom SEO campaign with military precision.

I WANT to help YOU and I will do everything in my power to ensure your business brand grows organically online. Unlike a big agency, I get to know all of my clients and we often become friends. I’m passionate about SEO and it will show when I work on your business with you.

It’s safe to say that I’m a nerd and I can help with lots of areas of your website too, maintenance, site moves, email issues – you name it, I’ll probably be able to help (often without charge too, just ask my clients).


Great to do business with and really only cares about doing a good job for his clients. Very driven, motivated and reasonably priced. Friendly guy too.

Garry Maclaren, Digital Marketer

Graham has delivered exceptional results for us at Good Comms and his technical knowledge of SEO is second to none. An outstanding service.

Andy Johns, Good Comms - Creative Marketing & Design Agency in Chester

Thank you once again for all your hard work and efforts on our behalf. Graham SEO taught me so much about SEO it’s just unreal.

Rakesh Kumar Morar, MDM Digital

Graham is incredibly knowledgeable about SEO and I wouldn’t trust anyone else! If you want real SEO results then you’re in the right place.

Host So Simple, Host So Simple

Graham SEO has delivered such a great result that it doubled the number of inquires for my business within three months. Highly recommend Graham’s services.

Julia Bennison, Cheshire Marketing Services

Graham is an amazing SEO and there is no doubt that he’s one of the best SEO’s in the UK. If you look for an expert to push your rankings higher in Google go to Graham SEO.

Oskar Nowik, Oskar SEO

We’re very happy to be associated with Graham SEO and saw a great uplift very early on in our main keyword ‘driving lessons Chester’ – highly recommended service!

A very honest & trusted service. The effort put into our website and attention to detail was so good we asked about 2 other sites we own too.

John, Collect My Clothes

We’ve been with Graham SEO for a number of years now and are happy with our results. Recommended.

Chris Holmes, Zut Media

We had been with two other well known SEO providers before turning to Graham SEO – seriously, give this guy a go!

Louis Wilson, Villa Romana

5 Stars

I went with Graham because he ranks #1 in so many locations I thought to myself “why would I want to go with anyone who does SEO who ranks lower” and I was right – Graham is AMAZING at what he does and my company can’t thank him and his team enough. 100% recommended.

We were on the verge of re-signing with our existing SEO company, we decided to get additional quotes and we are so glad we did. Graham SEO are streets ahead of the competition when it comes to understanding how SEO works and getting results from it.

Paul Quinn, Hattons Law - Solicitors St Helens

I have worked with Graham SEO now on multiple projects because he get’s results. I used to go with big agencies but found a much better service  by working with a person dedicated to a small group of clients who can give me the attention my business requires. I stand by that decision all these later and highly recommend Graham SEO to everybody.

Dave Foster, Evo Nutrition (Goli Gummies)

Very happy with the service from Graham SEO, much better service than previous agencies I have been with.

Dave Power, Dirtbusters

Very happy with the service, we’re hoping to replace our PPC costs soon!

Image for SEO client testimonials

Organic Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool (Not Paid Clicks)

Unlike Google Ads SEO results are “organic” which means you don’t pay per click.

DID YOU KNOW? Pay Per Click (PPC) Search volume is wrong when it comes to SEO?

Once the way to do SEO was to focus on a single keyword with the highest monthly search volume. Pages and posts don’t appear in Google for a single keyword, more importantly, more than 85% of people use a variety of other search phrases before they know what they want. This is where content, media and general good web marketing come into play. I design my campaigns so they suit YOUR website, everything is bespoke.

With this in mind also consider that Google and other search engines personalise results, so if you can attract the 85% of people not yet ready to buy into your website, you can influence them when they are ready to buy by helping personalise their results with your website cookies.

Then when they are in the 15% who know exactly what they want you will be able to appear above your competitors without even trying.

This means that you can effectively replace your PPC costs whilst appearing and influencing your target customers to buy from you.

SEO grows your brand name organically and help turn casual visitors into loyal fans of your brand.


Organic SEO Marketing allows you to rank for hundreds or even thousands of search terms (known as keywords). If you tried to do this using Google Ads you will quickly burn through a large amount of money.

With PPC the results are instant but you pay per click as the name implies. SEO takes longer but the results tend to stay in place, the clicks are free and a good SEO campaign will keep growing your brand visibility and the amount of keywords your website appears for when people search.

SEO With A Global Reach

My team and I have been working with clients worldwide since 2010 of all sizes.

There really is no limit to what we can handle when it comes to SEO so please don’t be put off if you think your business is too big for us.

I have personally trained my writers to create content with SEO in mind, I still work with them on every single piece of content that gets released.

Our aim is to get you better organic SEO results, improve the leads and brand visibility within Google and other search engines.

SEO Marketing & Digital Content Services

We can work with your business if your focus is local, national or international and it doesn’t matter if you are an ECommerce store or local builder.

Our aim is to grow the amount of leads flowing into your business and increase your brand visibility and in the 10 years we’ve operated we’ve become quite good at this to say the least.

Example #1 For SEO Liverpool
How SEO Liverpool Can Work For Your Website

If you have read this far, well done. It means you are still interested.

So here’s some more information that may help you to decide that your company could benefit from Liverpool SEO.

85% Of People Search Online Before They Buy Including the People of Liverpool

That’s Where My Digital Content Strategy Come In!

You may have heard it before, but content is King!

Can you remember last time you used the internet to try and find something? It could have been a local service company, how to do something around the house, the answer to a question about a hobby, a fact you would like to check.

Most Local Liverpool People Buy Because They Trust Where They Buy From

Now imagine if every time you search for something based on the topic you were researching the same website came up time and time again and offered the answer that you were searching for. Would you start to trust that website more? How can this be applied to a strategy that works for you?

Here’s a couple of examples of how this now translates into a viable SEO marketing strategy, remember to apply the following to your own niche or target audience on the web.

How an SEO Marketing Strategy Affects The Sales Funnel

Let’s say if you considering buying a house and you need a mortgage. You may begin your search by typing in something like “types of mortgage” and then reading the best answer which is usually the site at the top of Google.

Once you know or at least have a better understanding of the types of mortgage, you may now be considering your financial position and type in “mortgages calculator”. Imagine if next time you carried out a similar search if the same website came up again and gave you the ability to calculate your mortgage repayments and gave you an idea of how much you could borrow.

So now you have an idea of the type of mortgage you want and how much you can borrow.

An SEO Strategy Allows You To Show Up Whenever Your Customer Performs A Search

Your next search could something like, “how do I get a mortgage” and the information may give you the idea that you would like to speak to a mortgage broker rather than go to a high street lender. Imagine if once again it was the same website that appeared to give you the answer. By now you must be used to seeing this website showing up in your search results and you may even have checked out the rest of the website.

SEO Influences Them To Buy From You

So once you have all of this information, you’ve gathered your content, you may want to speak to a local mortgage broker and type in “mortgage brokers Liverpool” or simply “mortgage brokers near me” or something similar.

Imagine if you now saw that same website appearing at the top of the Google results. Would you completely ignore it having gotten all of your information and assistance so far from it? Or would you give it a go knowing that they probably know what they are talking about?

Search Engine OPTIMISED For Liverpool SEO Based Searchers

This is the type of things that Liverpool SEO can do for you – the way search algorithms work is they can help you show up when your potential customer carries out a Google search and is looking for a service like yours. Thanks to Google personalised search, schema and snippets you can grab your clients attention at various sections of the sales funnel.

Liverpool SEO Sales Funnel

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I am an SEO Consultant based in Wirral (SEO Wirral) in the North West sat between Chester and Liverpool.

For some of my target locations near you (we are not restricted to any particular location) see the following pages:

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