Content Marketing Tips for Chester Businesses

Creating engaging, valuable content should be a core part of any local marketing strategy. For businesses in Chester, optimised content that resonates with your target audience is key to attracting and converting local customers.

In this guide, we’ll explore content marketing tips and best practices to help Chester businesses improve their online visibility and connect with the local community.

Conduct Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is the foundation of effective content marketing and SEO (see my page for SEO Chester here). Identify topics and keywords your ideal Chester customers are searching that relate to your products, services and expertise. This ensures you create content that ranks for those valuable searches.

Tools to Use

Leverage keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and Ahrefs. Filter results by location to see keyword metrics specific to Chester.

Analyse Competitors

See what keyword terms competitors rank for locally. Look for gaps where you can create content around keywords they haven’t optimised for yet.

Cluster Keywords

Group keywords into topic clusters or categories to plan content around each theme. For example, a restaurant may group cuisine types, menu items, comparisons like “best restaurants”.

Understand Your Audience

Get a deep understanding of your ideal Chester target audience – their challenges, interests, values and demographic info like age, location, gender, etc.

Gather Customer Data

Look at existing customer profiles, feedback and conversations to identify their needs and preferences.

Browse Local Forums

Research popular Chester forums and Facebook Groups to see the topics and questions locals are interested in.

Align With Local Culture

Familiarise yourself with the local lifestyle, events and attractions. This helps create resonant messaging and content.

Develop an Editorial Calendar

Plan out your content across blog posts, videos, social media and other formats on an editorial calendar.

Schedule Keyword Targets

Map keywords and topic clusters to content over time, ensuring you have a good mix relevant to your business.

Mix Up Content Formats

Incorporate different media like text, images, infographics, video, audio, live streams etc. Visual content tends to perform very well on social media.

Plan Campaign Tie-Ins

Align content timing with your promotions, offers, events and other initiatives to amplify their impact.

Use Current Events

Capitalise on trending topics, seasonal events, and news with timely, responsive content.

Craft Compelling Blog Content

Blogging should be a major component of your Chester content marketing. Optimise your posts for organic search and sharing.

Write Locally Focused Posts

Target Chester customers with posts like “The 10 Best Cafes in Chester” or “Guide to Shopping in Chester”.

Answer Local FAQs

Address common questions from Chester visitors such as “Where should I park when shopping in Chester?”. Become an informational resource.

Feature Local Stories

Highlight local Chester businesses you partner with or profile customers (with permission).

Make Content Scannable

Break up blocks of text with descriptive headers, bulleted lists, images and videos so readers can skim and scan.

Optimise Keyword Placement

Include target keywords naturally in titles, URLs, meta descriptions, image ALT text, headers and content. Avoid over-optimization.

Link Internally

Reference and link to other relevant posts on your own site to keep visitors engaged.

Leverage the Power of Video

Video content can really resonate in Chester as it’s engaging and easy to consume on mobile devices.

Short Social Videos

Create 1-minute “bite-sized” videos to post on TikTok and Instagram on trending topics, local events, “day in the life” business content etc.

Facebook Live Streams

Broadcast live streams sharing local events, Chester tips, Q&As, behind-the-scenes business footage, etc.

YouTube Tutorials

Post “how-to” explainer and tutorial videos to help customers use your products/services and educate on your area of expertise.

Optimise for Local SEO

Enhance videos for local search with titles/descriptions containing Chester keywords, location tags and links to your website.

Make Content Shareable

Design content that naturally encourages shares, links and engagement from Chester residents.


These visual statistical content pieces tend to be highly shareable on social media. Create Chester-specific infographics like “10 Must-See Landmarks in Chester”.

Lists and Comparisons

Posts that compare or rank things like “The 7 Best Pubs in Chester” perform well and gain local links/shares.

Appeal to Emotions

Tap into emotional experiences like nostalgia, humour, inspiration and local pride that residents will want to share with others.

Include Share Buttons

Add social media buttons and email subscription forms to blog posts to enable easy sharing.

Promote on Social Channels

Share your latest local content across your Chester-targeted social media channels to drive engagement.

Repurpose Content Across Channels

Get more mileage from your high-performing content by repurposing it into multiple formats.

Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

Convert your top blog articles into short synopsis videos to post.

Create Snackable Versions

Extract key stats, facts, quotes or tips from in-depth posts to share as quick social media images or short snippets.

Slideshare Presentations

Turn blog posts into presentations to upload to Slideshare and embed on your site.

Guest Blog Syndication

Allow relevant blogs in Chester to republish your posts (with attribution) to expand reach.

Leverage UGC and Reviews

User generated content like reviews, testimonials and photos/videos from Chester customers help showcase local experiences.

Curate and Share Reviews

With permission, re-share great reviews from sites like Facebook and Google.

Spotlight User Photos

Encourage customers to share photos featuring your business and curate/repost the best ones.

Run Contests

Run contests for customers to submit photos, videos, testimonials or reviews to gain rights to reuse their content.

Credit All UGC

Always attribute and credit original content creators.

Track and Refine Your Efforts

Continuously analyse your content performance and refine your strategy over time.

Set KPIs

Define key metrics for success upfront, like organic traffic, backlinks, social shares, conversions etc.

Leverage Analytics

Use Google Analytics and social media analytics to see top-performing content by engagement and conversions.

Monitor Rankings

Track rankings monthly for your target Chester keywords to see which content is gaining traction in organic search.

Identify Gaps

Look for hot local topics your content is missing or keywords you are still not ranking for. Develop new content to fill those gaps.

Adapt Approaches

Double down on top-performing content formats and switch up underperforming approaches.

By implementing these tips, Chester businesses can create localized, search-friendly content that connects with customers while also attracting relevant organic search traffic. This ultimately drives brand awareness, engagement and conversions with your local Chester audience.

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