The Importance of Local Link Building in Chester

Link building is a crucial part of any local SEO strategy. It helps boost your website’s authority in search engine results pages and drives qualified traffic to your site. For businesses in Chester, focusing on acquiring high-quality local links should be a top priority.

Why Link Building Matters for Local SEO

Link building helps your website rank higher in local search results on Google. When other locally relevant websites link back to your site, they are essentially vouching for your credibility and relevance to searches for Chester.

The more local link building you can do, the better chance you have of outranking your competitors in local pack results for terms like “Chester plumber” or “Chester restaurant” or “SEO Chester“.

Increased Local Rankings

  • Google cares a great deal about linking patterns, especially for ranking local businesses.
  • If you can obtain links from other Chester-based sites, it sends strong signals about your business’s connection to the local area.
  • This helps Google understand your website should be prioritised for users searching for things in the Chester vicinity.
  • The more quality local links you build, the higher your local search presence will become.

Higher Domain Authority

  • Link building also boosts your overall domain authority and trustworthiness.
  • Domain authority is a metric Google uses to determine the credibility of a website.
  • By building relevant links, especially from other reputable Chester sites, you make your domain appear more authoritative in Google’s eyes.
  • This results in higher rankings and more traffic.

Greater Brand Awareness

  • In addition to the SEO benefits, local link building helps increase brand visibility across Chester.
  • When local sites link to you, it exposes new audiences to your business and offerings.
  • This inbound referral traffic is great for building local brand recognition.
  • The more websites that link to you, the more visibility your brand will receive throughout the Chester region.

How to Build Quality Local Links in Chester

Here are some of the top tactics and strategies for acquiring local links in Chester:

Leverage Directory Listings

  • Submit your website to as many local directories and citation sites as possible. This includes platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Manta, Hotfrog and many more.
  • Complete all key details, optimise with relevant keywords and link back to your site.
  • Directory listings count as local citations and help establish your local relevance.

Network with Local Businesses

  • Reach out to other Chester businesses to see if they would be interested in linking to your website. Identify sites that make sense contextually and contact them about potential partnerships.
  • Offer to collaborate on resources, guest blog or exchange links in return for a high value link.
  • Focus on quality over quantity with local business links.

Sponsor Local Events or Teams

  • Sponsoring local charities, events or sports teams is a great way to give back while also earning relevant links.
  • See if any upcoming Chester events need sponsors and offer your support.
  • In exchange, ask for a sponsor link on their website.
  • You can also get involved with local football or rugby teams as a sponsor and put up banners with your site link.

Publish Local Press Releases

  • Draft and distribute press releases to local news outlets like Chester Chronicle, The Leader and Chester Standard.
  • Make sure your business is prominently linked within the release.
  • Report on things like new products/services, milestones, awards or community contributions.
  • This can earn valuable links as publications cover your news.

Volunteer for Local Organisations

  • Volunteering your time or services is an impactful way to build community links.
  • Reach out to local charities or nonprofits about volunteering opportunities where you link back from their sites.
  • For example, you could offer pro bono work to Chester Pride in exchange for becoming a sponsor with a link.
  • Find causes you care about that could use your help.



Guest Post on Local Blogs

Identify local blogs focused on Chester news, events or businesses and offer to contribute a guest article. Make sure your guest posts are valuable to their audience and include natural links back to your site. Focus on building relationships with the site owners rather than just a one-off guest posting arrangement. Produce content they find useful and engaging.

List Your Business on Forums

Register accounts on local forums and connect with Chester residents and businesses. Provide value by answering their questions and establishing expertise. In your forum profiles, link back to your website using branded anchor text. Active participation in local discussions leads to more local links.

Sponsor Community Events

Reach out to event organisers about sponsoring upcoming community events like fun runs, festivals, food fairs, concerts or exhibits. Sponsorship packages often come with promotional benefits like having your linked business logo on the event website or banners. Get involved in multiple events to maximise exposure.

Partner with Local Influencers

Identify influential residents like bloggers, photographers, or civic leaders. Reach out to them about featuring your business on their platform in exchange for a link. For example, a popular Chester Instagrammer could post about your cafe with your handle and link in the caption. This taps into their local audience.

Join Local Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of commerce like Chester Means Business have member directories on their sites. Join them to get your local business listed and linked. You can also network at chamber events, sponsor activities and partner on campaigns. Having an active chamber presence leads to more local awareness.

Utilise Press Mentions

Any time your business is featured by a local publication, share it on your social media and ask them to link to your site if they haven’t already. Republish press mentions on your blog or news section with a link back to the source. Aim to build relationships with key press contacts.

Best Practices for Local Link Building

To maximise the impact of your Chester link building and digital marketing efforts, incorporate these best practices:

  • Prioritise Relevance – Links should come from websites relevant to Chester or your niche. Avoid low-quality links from unrelated sites as they offer little SEO value. Vet sites carefully.
  • Focus on Quality over Quantity – A few high-authority links from reputable Chester sources outweigh lots of minor links from small sites. Be selective and focus on building links you can be proud of.
  • Build Relationships – Don’t just request links and move on. Nurture ongoing relationships with local site owners, engage their audience and become a trusted resource. This leads to sustained linking.
  • Create Value – Provide value through your content, resources, sponsorships, events or services. Don’t expect something for nothing. Demonstrate why your business deserves prominent links from local sites.
  • Monitor Link Metrics – Use Google Search Console and analytics to monitor your local links – which ones drive the most traffic, engagement and conversions. Double down on what works.
  • Diversify Anchor Text – Avoid over-optimising anchors with your target keywords. Use branded, generic and descriptive anchors like “Chester plumber” for diversity. Don’t keyword stuff.

By focusing on building a strong network of local links from authoritative, relevant Chester sites, you can significantly improve your local SEO and become a go-to resource for local searchers. Leverage these strategies to boost your rankings, traffic and brand presence across the Chester region.

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